Why Do Laptop Hinges Break?

Why Do Laptop Hinges Break? How To Stop It

Laptops are very delicate electronic devices and if they are not handled carefully, can easily break. One of the main problems that laptop owners face is laptop hinges become loose or break over time. So, let’s discuss why do laptop hinges break and how you can stop it:

Why Do Laptop Hinges Break? Mostly laptop hinges break because of falling on a hard surface or a big impact. If a laptop lid is opened with too much force, it can also affect the hinges if its build quality is not that good, cheap quality plastic is used. In this case, hinges become weak over time and finally breaks.

So, laptop hinges can break because of different factors, here are some of them: 

Factors That Break Laptop Hinges:

Cheap Quality Material:

The most important thing to check while buying a laptop is to check its build quality if you wanna prevent hinge issues later. Generally, most budget laptops do have a plastic body and the hinges are also made of cheap plastic.

This can create too much trouble in the long term. If the quality of hinges is not good enough, a small accident, shock on the hinges can also completely destroy them.

That’s why it is better to check the quality before buying. Also, the premium laptop’s typically come with good hinges and that’s why the chance of damage is way less than budget laptops. 

Sock/Damage At Hinges:

The second most common factor because of which laptop hinges break is impacts or collisions. This can happen if somehow it falls on a hard surface, clashes with any hard particle. Generally, when a laptop collides with something, the corner (hinges) gets involves in the collision more.

Also, it is normal to break hinges if you have a habit of throwing your laptop on the bed. Although the bed is smooth but as the laptop is heavy and when you throw it on the bed its all weight comes on hinges and over time, they become weak and can also break.

So, please deal with laptops carefully, use grippy case if you use for traveling regularly. Otherwise, if the falls on a hard surface, the hinges can break.

Not Opening & Closing Properly:

I saw most of the people applying too much pressure while opening and closing the laptop’s lids. You shouldn’t have to be ruff with your device. Rather handle it with love.

Always open and close the lid slowly, you don’t have to slap it to close after you have done.

Also, often laptop hinges also break because of bending the lid excessively. Some users bend the laptop lid to an extreme position and the hinges end up breaking. They think their laptop’s screen can be rotated more than 180 degrees and they keep on putting more pressure. As result, the hinges and lid end up breaking.

So, if you are also buying a new laptop, check the specs first and don’t put much pressure on rotating the screen and open/close the lid gently.

Excessive Pressure In Laptop Lid:

Putting excessive weight on the laptop is also not good practice. Often people put heavy books, other stuff on the laptop lid, which can ultimately break its hinges. So, if you are also doing so, try to avoid it as much as possible.

Although if you are putting lightweight things on the laptop lid, it doesn’t create much trouble in premium laptops with quality hinges, cheap plastic hinges can easily break in light-medium weight too.

Keeping It In Cold Temperature:

If you leave your laptop at a very cold temperature and directly put it on heat, this change in temperature can significantly damage the laptop including the hinges. First of all, it is not good to keep laptops outside in winters. Read about it more.

And If you somehow forgot it outside too, try to keep it sometime in the room temperature then throw warm temperature if needed.

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Here are some common questions that laptop users ask about hinges:

How Long Do Laptop Hinges Last?

Laptop hinges life mostly depends on how the user is treating the laptop and its build quality. If everything is fine, laptop hinges can last forever and Also last only one day if the laptop falls on its hinge on a tuff surface. Generally, in-budget laptop hinges don’t give any error up to 10 years if carefully used. After that, you might see issues like hinge becomes loose, which can be fixed easily.

Otherwise, the life of the laptop hinge completely depends on how the laptop owner is using it.

Can You Use Laptop With Broken Hinge?

Although it is possible to use a laptop with a broken hinge, it is too risky to do. As in most cases, a broken hinge can expose the display of the laptop, here if the display takes damage then it will be very bad for the laptop and expensive to repair.

However, if the broken hinge doesn’t expose the display, it is okay to use the laptop with a broken hinge.

So, it completely depends on the status of the laptop’s hinge and how much it is broken. But, as repairing a broken laptop hinge isn’t that expensive, I suggest fixing it rather using a laptop with a broken hinge.

How Can You Stop Laptop Hinges From Breaking?

Till now I have discussed why laptop hinges break but how you can stop it. Well, here are some tips for that:

Use Bags That Fits the Laptop and Have Padding:

I often see people using laptop cases that are too loose for laptops. If you are also doing the same, a loose bag can’t give as much protection as a well-fitted laptop bag can give.

As all the corners are gonna properly hold in a well-fitted bag, it can’t move while traveling. Also, try using laptop bags that have good padding, this helps to protect the laptop hinge if it falls somehow.

Treat With Care:

The age laptop hinges depend on how the user is treating it. So don’t smash the lid while closing-opening, don’t throw it on the bed, try to be gentle with your laptop.

If you do this, not only the hinge but also the overall laptop is gonna last long, at least from damage.

Don’t Lift Laptop By Its Lid:

If you lift your laptop from its lid, it can cause damage to the whole laptop, especially gaming laptops. As gaming laptops are too bulky so, lifting them by their lid can damage the display including the hinge.

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I hope after reading this post you got to know about laptop’s hinges, why they broke, and how you can expand their lifetime. That’s it for today, be techy:)

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