Why Are Soundbars So Expensive?

Why Are Soundbars So Expensive?

We all use soundbars now. It is used for movies, music for surround sound. But have you ever thought why are they so expensive? Let’s discuss it today:

Why are soundbars so expensive? Some Soundbars are so expensive because of high-tech sound technologies like Dolby Atmos, surround sound. As these are not supported by all soundbars, getting a certified soundbar with Atmos and premium features is Expensive. The price of soundbars also increases because of the good number of channels, best Hardware, and test by Dolby.

Comparison of Best Soundbars Prices:

1SAMSUNG HW-T550 2.1ch Soundbar 3D Surround sound$227.9
2VIZIO SB3651ns-H6 36” 5.1 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar Slim wireless subwoofer Bluetooth$249.99
3VIZIO SB3651-F6 36” 5.1 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar Bluetooth-Dolby audio and works with google assistant$247.06
4SAMSUNG HW-S60T 4.0ch All-in-One Soundbar Samsung Acoustic BeamKVADRAT design$257.99
5Yamaha Audio YAS-209BL Sound Bar Wireless subwoofer and Built-in Alexa Voice control$349.45
6BOSS Audio Systems BRT26RGB ATV UTV Sound Bar System It is IPX5 Rated Waterproof soundbar$232
7Sonos Arc – The Premium Smart SoundbarFeaturing Dolby Atmos and Full HD sound recording and playback.$999.99
8Wet Sounds Stealth 6 Ultra HD 200W Amplified Marine ATV Soundbar Built-in Bluetooth 21” Soundbar Remote control$499
9Definitive Technology Studio Advance 5.1 Channel Sound Bar 9 Speakers8” Wireless subwoofer with Chromecast$799
10Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Soundbar Dolby Atmos4K HDRHDCP 2.2$1498

As you can see there is a wide range of prices of soundbars from high to low. There are soundbars available for as low as $200 and also more than $1000.

These prices obviously depend on the quality and features that the soundbar offers. The more are the specs more will be the price. So, a really high-quality soundbar will always be expensive. Whether or not a soundbar is expensive for you highly depends on the product you choose. 

Why Good Soundbars Cost More?

Soundbars cost more because of technologies like Dolby Atmos, virtual 5.1 surrounds, and dynamic sound. However, these features don’t come with all the soundbars. But soundbars that support these premium features much likely to cost more.

Soundbar also costs more also because of the quality hardware, proper channels, and material, etc. If you buy a cheap soundbar then you will get to know that sound quality is unable to match expensive soundbars. 

Most of the cheap soundbars do not consist of features like surround sound, Dolby Atmos. They more likely not have the proper channels that are a must for getting good quality sound and also do not have the proper hardware.

In a good soundbar, you will get many modern technology options like built-in Wi-Fi and much more integrated technology. This is exactly why good soundbars cost more. 

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Is It Worth Buying A Soundbar?

It is definitely worth it to buy a soundbar. Due to its wide design, the sound will go in all directions of your room. The stereo effect of the soundbar is awesome to experience.

The quality of sound that has been given by the soundbar is more delightful than your television sound. When you use a soundbar you will experience the whole theater environment. 

If you are not willing to spend on the whole home theatre system then soundbars are the best option for you.

The best thing about it is that there will be no problem when you are watching movies, shows, etc with your friends, family members, etc because the voice of the soundbar will flow in all directions due to its wide design. 

Why is Sonos Soundbar So Expensive?

Sonos sits well and truly in the premium wireless speaker category. But if we go back to their root around 2004, they noticed a couple of problems.

The first problem was that there were too many cables that were fiddly to use and the system took a large amount of space. The second problem was that you have to have a different audio system for every room.

Over the years Sonos has launched all-in-one wireless speakers that combined high-quality audio with the ability to listen to the same stream of music everywhere. They have basically worked on their drawbacks and come out to render high quality with their product. 

These soundbars only need main power and an internet connection and then everything can be controlled from the Sonos app wirelessly with the palm of your hand.

They were able to shrug off the competition and still remain the leader in this sector. Sonos was the first to create multi-room audio. There are three defining strengths that Sonos embodies as a brand and they are usability, sound quality, and longevity. This is the reason why the Sonos soundbar is expensive.

Expensive Vs Cheap soundbar?

Expensive soundbarsCheap Soundbars
More number of channels.Less number of channels.
Have dedicated tweeters.Do not have dedicated tweeters.
Have midrange drivers.Do not have midrange drivers.
Have woofers.Do not have woofers.
Have Full range driver.Do not have full range driver.
Have technology like Dolby Atmos.Do not have technology like Dolby Atmos.
Have Proper Hardware.Do not have proper Hardware.
Have built-in Bluetooth.Have built-in Bluetooth.
Have built-in Wi-fi.Do not have built-in Wi-Fi.
These values are taken on average, doesn’t apply for all soundbars

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I hope after reading this post, you got an idea about the price of soundbars, why and when they cost higher, and should you get one. If you have any further questions, feel free to comment down below or contact me through email.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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