Why Are Dell XPS Laptops Expensive?

Why Are Dell XPS Laptops Expensive?

Dell XPS series is one of the best laptop series available in the market yet. These XPS series laptops are slim, comes at a good price to performance ratio, and also good for all kinds of users. Experts also declared laptops from this series as tough competitors for Apple Macbooks.

But, despite giving a good price to performance ratio, the price of Dell XPS laptops is quite high. Note that as these XPS series laptops are comparable with MacBooks, so obviously their price is gonna be high. But the question is why? Well, let’s discuss it today:

Why Are Dell XPS laptops Expensive? Dell XPS laptops are the best windows laptops and they cost higher because these laptops have nearly everything. They come with good specs (differs model-wise), have that premium feel, and useful features like touch screen, fingerprint, face unlock in some. So, as the XPS series contains some of the best laptops and has high-end parts, so they cost higher.

As per my personal experience, I think in some parameters the XPS series laptops are unbeatable, can even beat MacBooks. That’s why according to their performance, spending 2-3 grands completely worth it.

Now, where XPS series is better than other market laptops to justify their price?

Factors Why Dell XPS Series Is Expensive:

Here are some parameters I have found where these laptops completely nailed it:

Premium Feel & User Experience:

The main reason that I love XPS series laptops is that they feel premium and provide an awesome user experience. If you are buying a flagship laptop and not getting complete satisfaction, then spending such a high amount doesn’t worth it.

But in the XPS series, even when people look at it from far, they like to touch it. Personally, I found that this also increases productivity:)

The build quality of the XPS series is pretty solid. The black variants come with carbon fiber, by touching only anyone can say that it is a premium laptop.

Not only that, features like one hand lift (available in the latest XPS model), both fingerprint and face unlock make this series so special.

I have seen, in most of the 17-inch laptops, the screens are unstable, it shakes when you move the laptop. However, Dell has managed to fix this in 17 inch XPS models too.

Some XPS laptops come with a touch screen, 2-in-1 models, basically, there is something for everyone and you get a good all-in-one performance from this series.

A Complete Package:

It is very hard to find laptops that are nearly perfect. But we can give credit to the XPS series laptops in this case. Because with laptops you get almost everything, and surprisingly this series laptops at everything.

It is slim, easily portable and if you want a MacBook type laptop but windows, this will be the best. But the thing we don’t get in MacBooks is gaming. But on these laptops, you can easily play all the latest games at 1080P (if you choose a GPU).

Note that as it is not a gaming-specific laptop, it can’t give a performance like dedicated gaming laptops, but it is good enough. For tasks like video editing, rendering, designing, this laptop is a beast.

So, you can call Dell XPS series laptops multitaskers and if you wanna an all-rounder laptop, this will be the best option for you. Obviously, these are the main reasons because which the XPS series is expensive.

But if you analyze the price of other laptops in this category, the price of the XPS series is very attractive seeing what kind of performance it can give.

One Of The Best Keyboard In Laptops:

The third thing I like to mention about XPS series laptops is their keyboard. I have never seen such a good keyboard in laptops. This series of laptops have the best keyboard I have ever used in laptops.

Not only the keyboard, but the trackpad of these laptops is also awesome and big. Generally, windows laptops have tiny trackpads which don’t feel that great. But this series is different. It has a Macbook like big trackpad and the tracking is accurate too.

This is another big plus point I found in the XPS series.

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High-End Specs:

Laptop NameCPUGPURAMStorage2-in-1 Options
XPS 1510th Gen Intel Core i5/ i7Nvidia GTX 1650Ti/ Integrated graphicsDDR4 8GB/ 16GB/ 32GB512GB/ 1TB NVMe SSDYes
XPS 1311th Gen Intel Core i3/ i5/i7Intel Iris XeDDR4 8GB/ 16GB/32GB256GB/ 512GB/1TB NVMe SSDYes
XPS 1710th Gen Intel Core i5/ i7/i9Intel UHD/GTX 1650 Ti/RTX 2060DDR4 8GB/ 16GB/ 32GB/64GB256GB/ 512GB/1TB/2TB NVMe SSDNo
Different part options on XPS series laptops

As you can see in the table the dell Xps series laptops do come with tons of adjustable options and parts are also the latest. So, you can easily make a combo according to your need and budget.

Also, since the parts are latest, so they won’t get outdated too soon, last for years if you take care properly.

Overall, because of the latest and good parts also, the XPS series laptops cost high. The latest part is very important for getting good performance now and in the future (a few years later).

What Is So Special About Dell XPS?

Dell XPS series laptops are a complete package, They stand out in almost every category. XPS series laptops look great, has all the premium options, build quality is good and user can choose different parts according to their need. That’s why this series is compared with Macbooks but on the Windows platform.

So, these all features make the Dell XPS series one of the best laptops series currently, and also people love it.

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In this post, I have discussed Dell XPS series laptops, why they are so expensive, and their price worth. I hope you can learn something new after reading this post. If you have any queries in mind feel free to contact me.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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