Using Wifi Extenders For Gaming

Using Wifi Extenders For Gaming

Wifi extenders are quite beneficial in large homes, for sending wifi on different floors. They can consume the available wifi signal from the router and extend its range to a large area. But is it worth using them for tasks like gaming where consistent wifi speed is required? Let’s discuss it in this post:

Wifi Extenders Good For Gaming? Wifi extenders don’t reduce speed if installed properly, so for tasks like gaming where consistent speed is important, using good wifi extenders perfectly okay. For getting the best performance while gaming, make sure to use a good wifi extender, otherwise, most of the budget extenders can create any performance issues.

You can also use a wifi extender for other devices and connecting the gaming PC with the main router if you have a budget wifi extender.

For this, just find a place where you can place your gaming PC near the router, or bring the router with the modem (if you have two) near the pc.

After doing this, you can easily connect the PC with the wifi router. Now, you can still use the wifi extender for connecting other devices which a wifi router generally can’t cover because of large distance.

Doing this, you can easily get good wifi speed in your gaming PC and your other devices will also work because of the extender.

However, if you don’t need internet for online gaming, you just want to use it for downloading games or other things like that, then wifi extenders will be enough for you.

Note that, wifi extenders are not bad nor they decrease the speed. The thing is that, if you don’t choose one with the good build quality, it can create ping, slow speed issues between the router and the device.

Now, let’s discuss do the extenders really work for gaming.

Do WiFi Extenders Really Work?

Wifi extenders do a pretty awesome job of providing the same speed wifi internet from the router to other devices that can’t be reached by normal wifi. But, it is also very crucial to find the perfect place for the extender, otherwise, you will get low internet speed or less wifi coverage area.

Let me explain: The wifi extender should be placed in such an area from where it can get proper signals from the Wi-Fi and also can be connected with other devices or can spread the wifi range at its maximum.

For example, if you placed it too nearer to the wifi router, then although it can get full wifi signals it can’t emit the internet to a large area.

Also, if you don’t place the extender under a proper range of the router, then it can’t get full wifi signals, as a result, it can’t share high speed and stable internet connectivity to the devices which it handles. In other words, you will get issues.

That’s why to get rid of these troubles, you should be very careful where you are placing the wifi extender.

From above, we get to the conclusion that wifi extenders are good for large areas and can provide high-speed internet if the extender is good and also it is installed at the right place. Still, should you use it for gaming?

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Should You Use Wifi Extenders For Gaming?

I only recommend using wifi extender for gaming if it can really handle it well or it doesn’t slow down the internet speed and create any ping issues.

Therefore, I have discussed some of the different aspects of wifi extenders and when you should use them for gaming:


A wifi extender can cost from $50 to $100 and more. Generally, if you are using it for tasks like gaming where it is important to keep up with the router, give consistent internet connection, that’s why you have to go with good extenders, and you can get one around $100.

So, it is gonna cost a bit if you want extenders for gaming specifically. Now, the second thing is you should ask yourself about it.

Do You Really Need It?

I saw people buying wifi extenders without any reason, their routers were also capable of that. So, ask yourself if you really need it?

Also, if you can do some adjustments you don’t have to buy expensive extenders, rather budget ones can also do your tasks.

Suppose, if your wifi router doesn’t reach the PC and you want it for gaming but you don’t wanna spend much on it, then you can also buy a cheap extender too.

You just have to shift the wifi router near the PC or the PC near the router in this case. After doing this, you can easily get high-speed internet from the router and use other devices which are not under the range of wifi router through the cheap extender.

So, this is not the case that you need a super expensive extender all the time.

Overall, if you have a decent wifi extender and you don’t need the best from your router then you can use the extender. Otherwise, if you want the best you either have to buy a premium extender or apply the method I have discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can WiFi Extender Cause Problems?

Generally, premium wifi extenders don’t create any problems and provide almost the same internet speed that comes from the router. But, if the extender is an average one, it can show errors like not connecting to the router, speed issues in the long run.

Do Wifi Extenders Cut Speed In Half?

No, in fact, wifi extenders provide almost the same speed as the router to the devices it is connected with. However, depending on the quality of the router, the speed also varies.

But personally, I have never experienced as low as half-speed in extenders.

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Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this spot, you can decide should you use a wifi extender for gaming or not, and do you even need it? If you have anything more in mind, feel free to ask me.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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