Using Mobile Hotspot In Computers

Using Mobile Hotspot In Computers: Is it Enough?

Mobile hotspot provides easy and quickly accessible internet connection and that’s why still it is one of the most popular methods. But is mobile hotspot enough for computers. Let’s discuss this in this post.

Is Mobile Hotspot Good For Laptop/Desktop? The average mobile data speed in United State is around 50Mbps, however, this speed reduces a bit, around 30-40 Mbps in the hotspot. Still, it is enough for general users who just wanna use the internet on their PCs. Otherwise, for tasks like gaming, streaming high-quality videos, where constant and faster speed is important, getting separate an internet provider (Fiber connection) is better.

Most of the computer uses the internet for googling, watching. For watching 4K content on a computer, it needs 15-20 Mbps internet speed, which can be easily achievable by a mobile hotspot.

That’s why if you are also doing basic tasks and need an internet connection for that, a mobile hotspot is enough in this case. As it gives advantages like portability, no other things (router) needed, so it becomes very handy to use especially while traveling.

But there are some disadvantages of mobile hotspot too, so let’s discuss them too before getting any conclusions:

Demerits Of Mobile Hotspot:

Speed Varies on The Adapter:

No matter how powerful your mobile hotspot is, if the wifi adapter is not powerful enough, you can’t get good speed. In some cases, the wifi comes with the motherboard, if you also have, make sure to check whether it is wifi 6, wifi 5, or older.

Note that the more latest wifi version you have on your motherboard, the fastest speed you are gonna get.

But if your PC (desktop) doesn’t have dedicated wifi in the motherboard, you have to use an adapter. You can get a $5-$10 wifi adapter, but those small USB dongle-type wifi adapters don’t provide much speed.

Most of them only give around 5-10 Mbps internet speed.

That’s why I recommend buying wifi adapters with antennas, as they provide faster as well as constant speed.

So, if you are using your mobile hotspot on a computer, the speed is significantly gonna depend on the adapter you are using.

Data Cap:

Usually mobiles internet plans do come with a data cap, data limit in other words. If you exceed the limit, the speed gonna be too slow to use. And as using the internet in computers consume more data because of a bigger screen, so the data end pretty quickly.

That’s why for big file downloading, watching high-resolution movies, mobile internet ultimately costs more than getting a separate internet connection.

So for these tasks I prefer choosing a good internet provider, this not only gives you consistent and fast internet speed but also costs you cheaper.

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Can’t Provide Constant Speed:

If you play online battle royal games where consistent internet speed is pretty important mobile hotspot is not a good option for you. Yes, a mobile hotspot can fulfill the data requirements in this case, but it can’t give a stable internet speed, which is very important in gaming.

The data speed of mobile hotspot fluctuates very high and that’s why if you want stable internet connectivity it is not a good option for you.


If you calculate, the price of mobile data per GB costs way higher than a separate internet connection. You can easily get a solid speed internet connection around $30 to $35, it might seem a lot.

But as you get unlimited data, so for faster speed and data, this is completely worth the price. I discussed above mobile data has limitations, so when you connect it with a computer, it finishes too quickly, and then you have to recharge or buy a data voucher which costs ultimately higher.

My Recommendation:

I suggest using a mobile hotspot for tasks like researching, scrolling the web, these types of less data-consuming works. For those, who need very high speed and unlimited data (persons like me:), getting a Fiber internet connection will be the best option.

Obviously, a mobile hotspot is easier to use and as everyone carries their phones while traveling, a mobile hotspot is the best option in this case unless you find free wifi near you:) So, for those who use tons of data and need fast speed, just don’t use mobile hotspots.

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I hope you can learn something new after reading this post. If you have any doubts, feel free to reach us. That’s it for this post, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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