Things To Know About TV Wall Mounts

7 Things To Know About TV Wall Mounts

When TV is wall-mounted, it can drastically change the overall look, if installed correctly. But I often saw people missing some really important and cool factors about the TV mounts.

That’s why today I am gonna discuss 7 important Things To Know About TV Mounts that often people neglect:

1. Does TV Wall Mount Need To Be Centered?

If the TV mount can be adjusted (most of the mounts support it) and tilted later, it doesn’t need to be centered. installing it near the center from where it can be aligned properly to the center later is okay. But some old TV mounts don’t support any other rotation after installing the TV. In such mounts, it is better to install them at the exact center.

Modern TV mounts can be tilted upwards, downwards, contains pop-up options, you can rotate them as you want. If your TV mount is also like this, highly adjustable, then you can easily bring your TV to the centre if the Mount isn’t in the centre too.

However, note that if the Mount is too far away from the center, out of reach from the Mount, then an adjustable mount also fails in this case. As dragging/sliding the TV in the same direction can expose the Mount (which looks bad), it is way better to make a plan where to install the mount before start drilling.

This case generally happens with small TVs. When they are move to a specific side (say left), the Mount shows up on the opposite side (right).

So, make sure to install your TV mount atleast near the center so that you can adjust it after installing.

Talking about the second case, if you have an old mount, basically which can’t be adjusted, you have to be very careful. Install it exactly in the center of the wall as it can’t be adjusted later.

2. Does TV Wall Mount Damage Wall?

A TV mount doesn’t damage a wall if it is mounted correctly. However, if it is not mounted property, screws are not tightened up enough, not using studs/anchors, the wall is not capable of handling the TV weight, chances that it can fall off or screws come off which damage the wall.

That’s why it is very important to check the rigidity of a wall before actually installing the TV. As the size of TVs is huge, so make sure the wall you are installing your TV has enough space, nothing is mounted near the TV area (this can aslo increase the overall pressure).

The next thing to do after finding the perfect and rigid wall is to find studs. Some people also mount without studs, through Drywall anchors. You can that too, but you have to take extra care if you are gonna mount TV without studs.

But if you are using studs, it is pretty simple to find at least two studs and make a complete layout (use pencil) in the wall where to install according to the studs.

Now, this is why you need adjustable mounts because you can adjust them in the right position later too if the studs are not at the correct place.

Overall, if you find it frustrating, simply hire an expert. And if you follow the rules while installing the TV, definitely it will not damage the wall.

3. Can TV Fall Off Wall Munt?

A TV can only fall off from the wall if it’s is not mounted property, studs are not applied properly. Also, using a poor quality mount can also cause this if a very large and heavy TV is mounted on it. But, if the user mounted the TV correctly and use a quality mount, it can’t fall off the mount easily.

Generally, there are actually two reasons behind falling a TV from the wall.

3.1) The Mount Completely Fall Off From The Wall:

In this case, TVs fall off with the mount. This mostly happens because of poor mounting techniques.

If the TVs are not installed properly using studs, good anchors, it is gonna create trouble later. Some people also just install TVs in drywall without studs and anchors which is very dangerous. And can lead to this kind of incident.

Choosing a good wall is also important in this case. If various items are already Mounted in that particular wall area, avoid mounting the TV there without studs.

But if you mount the TV correctly following the instructions, don’t worry, your TV is safe.

3.2) Fall From The Mount:

I have also seen cases where TV mounts are installed correctly but as the user was using a cheap mount, it somehow damaged, and the TV fall from the mount.

The only solution of it is to use quality mounts. There is no alternative to that. Just make sure, buying a good adjustable metal mount for your TV.

Overall, because of some bad practices, not following mounting guidelines can lead to TV fall from Mount, but if you have done everything properly, by yourself or any professional you don’t have to worry about it.

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4. Does TV Wall Mount Need Studs?

TVs can be mounted without studs with the help of anchors, Molly Bolts, ceiling mounts. However, for heavy TVs, still, drywall mounts are the best which need studs. Otherwise, you can mount your TV without stud using these methods.

Wall studs help in fixing the anchors. After installing them in the stud, they can’t come off and the TV becomes safe after tightening up with screws.

Ways To Mount TV without Studs:

Mounting Anchors:

For those who don’t want to use studs for mounting TV, the best method for them is mounting through anchors. But make sure to use quality anchors.

The good anchors come with a metal that fixes it with the wall, which stucks at the drywalls.

So, ultimately they work like studs. This is the best and simplest option if you are mounting your TV without studs.

Mounting Plate:

Apart from the anchor method, the mounting plate is also a very solid way to mount TVs securely. But you have to do research if the mount supports the mounting plate you are using or not.

If it supports the mount, you can easily install an adjustable mount on it later on.

There are also methods like Molly bolts, Ceiling mount, but by far I like these two methods most for mounting TV without studs in drywall.

5. How Much Should You Spend On a TV Wall Mount?

A good TV mount can cost from $35 to $200. If you want a highly-adjustable mount for your TV, you will get a good one for around $75-$150. But, a normal mount that only supports small TVs costs around $40-$50. At this price, you get a very good premium mount that is enough for normal use.

Now, to elaborate on the price of the TV mounts more, I have picked some of the best TV mounts available in the market, so let’s compare the price and see how much you should actually pay for them.

TV MountSpecsPrice
Mounting Dream MD238032-55 inches, less than 100 Pounds$40
Monoprice 10483 EZ37-70 inch, 165 Pounds, Not highly adjustable$31
EchoGear EGLF242-86 inches, below 100 Pounds$100
Kanto PDX65037-75 inch, 125 pounds$140
The price might fluctuate a bit over time

As you can see from the table, a basic TV mount costs around $31. But if you want a mount that can be tilted, rotate, then you can that around $40.

Now, for those who have a premium and large TV, you should get a highly adjustable Mount like EchoGear EGLF2 or Kanto PDX650. These two are specifically made for high-end TVs and different adjustment functions.

Otherwise, for basic adjustments and general users I suggest going with MD2380 from Mounting Dream.

So, a good TV mount can cost from $30 upto $150.

I have found this awesome video from Jonah Matthes, you can check this video to know more about TV mounts:

Video Credit: Jonah Matthes

6. Can You Use A Smaller TV Mount?

You can use small TV mounts if the TV you are using is not big in size. Small mounts are helpful in small TVs because they can hide well behind the small TVs. Also, small mounts can lift less weight, so if the mount can handle the TV weight, there is no issue in using a small TV mounts instead of those bulky ones.

Small monitors have both advantages and disadvantages of their own:


Good for small and less weight TVs:

As a large-sized mount doesn’t cover fully by a small TV, it looks ugly using a small TV with a large amount. That’s why tiny mounts are always best for small to medium-sized TVs.

In this case, a small mount can easily hide behind the TV and looks great.

Less pressure on the wall:

Good Mounts are heavy. Wall has to lift not only the TV weight but also the weight of the mount. But, small Mounts puts less pressure on the wall.

Also, more likely you use a small TV with a small mount, so the pressure on the wall will not be as much as a big mount.

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Not good for Large Monitors:

Generally, a big TV can’t be installed on a small mount. If you have a small mount with your old TV and you want to use it with a new TV, which is bigger, then this will create an issue as most of the small mounts support 37-55 inch max.

After that you have look for a big mount if your TV is bigger than this.

Handle Less Weight: 

Typically a small mount can handle less weight than a large mount. So, you have to choose large TV mounts if it is too bulky.

7. Can You Use Anchors For TV Mount?

Anchors can be used for TV mounts both for drywall and brick walls instead of studs. These are as useful as studs if installed correctly. There are different types of wall anchors, it is very important to use good quality anchors for TV mounts as they have to lift heavyweight.

I recommend using studs like anchors, they contain metal or thick plastic rod which fixes in the wall exactly like studs, for TV mounts.

Otherwise, if you are searching anchors for brick walls, then you can easily drill the wall and put an anchor and insert the mount in it.

As, most of the TVs very heavy and huge in size, choosing quality anchors is pretty important. If you choose a cheap plastic anchor for mounting the expensive item, over time it can degrade and even fall off.

So, please always use good anchors if you are not using studs for mounting the TV.

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Mounting a TV in-wall is a simple process, but a little mistake can do too much damage. That’s why take help from experts if you are not confident about it.

Don’t put thousands of dollars in the Red line for saving only a few bucks.

If you ask help from an experienced guy (from any store), they only charge a few bucks and do the whole thing for you. Just make sure that you buy the mount yourself, otherwise, they will try to make profit in the mount by selling their shop’s Mount.

Otherwise, if you are confident enough and know how to mount the TV. You can do it yourself👍

In this post, I have discussed some small questions that often people think about while mounting their TV. I hope you liked them and can apply them while mounting your first tv. Fell free to ask me in the comments if you have any questions.

See you in the next post, be techy:)

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