Things To Know About Downloading On your Computer

7 Things To Know About Downloading On your Computer

The Internet is a part of our life now. But people often come up with some interesting questions on downloading on their PC. So, today I am gonna discuss 7 things that you should know about downloading.

1. Does Computer Download In Sleep Mode?

A computer doesn’t download or continue downloading in sleep mode. When a computer enters sleep mode, it uses as low resources from the computer as possible to save power. So, it gets lower resources from Ram, CPU, GPU and that’s why it can’t continue downloading in this mode.

However, if you are facing the issue: Not using/touching the computer for a while, it automatically goes to sleep mode, then you can easily fix it.

In this case, you just have to stop your computer from going to sleep mode when not used for a while. To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to settings on your windows 10 from the start menu.
  • Then choose System > Power & Sleep from the menu bar.
  • Set the sleep to Never.
  • That’s it.

After doing this, your PC is not gonna go into sleep mode and your downloading will continue.

2. Does Downloading Affect Upload Speed?

Downloading at the same time uploading decreases the internet speed. Technically, doing both at the same time shouldn’t affect the speed as internet providers give the internet speed range for each separately, but practically we can see speed fluctuations.

Earlier, if you buy any plan from an internet provider, you used to see different downloading and uploading speeds. For example, a plan gives 30MB/s download and 10MB/s uploading speed.

However, nowadays most internet providers offer symmetrical plans, meaning uploading and downloading speed are the same.

Still, I will say the uploading speed we get is less than the downloading speed practically in symmetrical plans too.

Talking about downloading and uploading both at the same time, if you think carefully, it shouldn’t depend on each other as they are branded separately and we are using a symmetrical connection.

But this is not the case, practically (I have seen this many times) internet speed reduces (like when downloading multiple files) while downloading something and uploading at the same time.

Now, this also varies with your internet provider. If you are choosing a very premium one and using an expensive plan, you might see doing both isn’t affecting the speed.

But in the average plans, which most of the normal people use have this issue.

3. Does Downloading Use More CPU?

Downloading uses CPU and when comes to large files like big games, softwares, for downloading them especially with high internet speed, computers do use more CPU resources than average.

Now, downloading doesn’t increase the CPU uses drastically but you can only see a tiny bit more performance uses while you start downloading a large file.

But in case your CPU uses at above 90% and then you connect a very high-speed internet connection to download a big file, then it can bump up to 100%.

Old CPUs eventually get it more difficult to operate the latest high-speed internet connection. But if you are using the latest processor, you more likely to see minimum CPU uses increases while downloading.

My personal experience:

Personally, I noticed many times, when I started downloading a big game (250GB) with my 100MB/s high-speed internet connection, at first, things stay normal, but after downloading for a few minutes the CPU uses increases, and sometimes the internet speed decreases too.

Then after a year, I updated the CPU to Ryzen 5 5600X and now I am not seeing that kind of issue. However, internet speed drops a bit (not like before) if it downloads for a long time, but I pretty sure this is because of the internet provider.

And the CPU uses only increases 1-2% with the new CPU. So you can call it neglectable.

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4. Does Downloading Multiple Files Slow The Speed?

Downloading multiple files definitely doesn’t make the internet speed slower. But as the whole internet speed is divided into multiple files (which you are downloading) for each the speed is gonna decrease. But the overall sped will be the same.

Let’s understand it with an example. Suppose you have a 100MB/s internet plan and get 70MB/s actual speed:) So, when you download one file, all the 70MB/s speed is gonna consumed by that one file.

But if you download two files, both the files will get 35MB/s speed. So, the overall speed stays the same.

Here is an interesting fact:

When you put multiple files on download at the same time, the overall internet speed increases than downloading one file. I have seen this more than 90% of the time.

5. Does Downloading Drain More Battery?

Downloading, especially larger files drain more battery than normal uses. If the internet speed is high then also it takes a lot of power.

See, when you anything on download, the RAM’s, CPUs performance increases (only a little bit) and this leads to more power uses. And if you are using devices like laptops, mobile, then the battery consumption rate increases.

Of course, your system specs also depend on how much downloading battery. If your system parts are old, more likely downloading is gonna consume more battery than the latest computer.

I have noticed that slow internet speed (mobile data) consume less battery than high-speed internet speed.

6. Leaving Computer Downloading Overnight?

Leaving a computer downloading overnight is okay in areas where electricity is not an issue or the PC is connected with UPS, inverter. Because of sudden power cut in the computer (without shutting down properly), not only the download will stop but also it can also ruin the whole hard-drive.

When we turn off a computer directly without pressing shut down, this can damage the specific part of the hard drive which was running and the computer is copying/pasting or using any data from there.

In case of downloading, the place in the hard-drive where the downloading file is created, that space can get corrupted for always.

Basically, do this if you are sure about electricity and don’t leave it running on thunderstorm nights. 

7. Does Downloading Use More RAM on Work?

Like the CPU, downloading uses a very small amount of RAM. The amount of RAM depends on what type of RAM you are using (DDR3 or DDR4) and the internet speed. If you are using the latest RAM i.e. DDR4, you will see almost negligible amount of RAM uses.

Also, high-speed internet generally uses more RAM than a low-speed internet connection.

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In this post, I tried to cover some popular questions about downloading. I hope you liked it and you also have any questions about it, contact us, we will definitely answer them.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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