Soundbar Shelf Ideas

Soundbar Shelf Ideas

Having a soundbar is great, but people often confuse about where to place the soundbar to get the best output possible from it. That’s why today I am gonna discuss some best soundbar placement ideas, so let’s start:

To get a good, clear, and distinct audio quality, a soundbar is a must. Any songs, movies, or shows without a good and clear sound is worthless. When people face such errors in the case of sound quality, they should switch to soundbars.

Here are some of the best ideas for a soundbar shelf to save your precious time, so that you don’t have to worry about how to design the shelf.

8 Soundbar Shelf Ideas: 

Wooden Shelf: (Personal Favorite):

Wooden Shelf is the most commonly used shelf and easy too. We can easily attach a hard wooden shelf below the TV. By measuring the size of the soundbar, we have to select the wooden shelf.

There are various designs of wooden shelves. The best part of it is that we can make a wooden shelf at home also. We can customize the color and design by ourselves.

A soundbar is a loudspeaker that is shaped as long, thin and rectangular. This small tube-shaped speaker is filled with various technical inputs to get better audio. As the size of the soundbar is bigger therefore it sounds better.

And to completely justify its looks, a wooden shelf (custom made) is the best I have used.

Tempered Glass Shelf:

We can use a wall-mounted tempered glass as a soundbar shelf. It will give a stylish as well as orderly look to the room. Tempered glass is better more than normal glass for soundbars because it is much stronger and looks attractive too.

The modern design tempered glass becomes the best fit for home decors. Before buying the glass shelf, we should always check its thickness, width, etc. so that the soundbar fits in properly.

Tip: You can also use RGB lighting in the tempered glass to make your soundbar more attractive.


For installing soundbars on hangers, you have to use two steel brackets and fix them to the wall. After that, you can easily hang the soundbar in those brackets. This also gives a good look to the room.

However, selecting a good and strong hanging bracket is very important if you are using this method.

There are brackets of various designs. But before attaching the knots of the brackets, carefully measure the position that will be best fitted for the soundbar.

Table Stand:

This is also common as well as an easy way to place a soundbar. You can use a table stand to keep a soundbar, the table as a bookshelf too with your favorite design.

Moreover, you can also decorate it with home decor items. Since normally a table stand is wooden, we can customize the color, design, shape, size, etc by ourselves.

Floor Stand:

Another way to place the soundbar is the floor stand. The floor stand is the easiest to carry and cheaper way to be used as a shelf for soundbar compared to other ways. Mostly, you get two legs or three legs floor stands.

The stand may be of steel, wood, etc. It depends upon us what we select. At the upper level of the stand, there will be knots or racks where we can hang the soundbar easily. We should be careful that the material is hard. 

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Fireplace Shelf:

In most of our house, there is a fireplace in the living room and we fix our TV above that fireplace by attaching it to the wall. So in most cases, you also keep the soundbar on a shelf above the fireplace (but not too close).

This decoration of the house looks extremely good giving it a standard view. It is best for winters, as we watch tv with such clear sound by warming ourselves up. Moreover, It has merits and demerits too.

Mount On TV:

In our daily life, we use various DIYs to decorate our homes. By using such DIYs and techniques, we can mount the soundbar on top of the TV.

Nowadays it is used by many people as it gives a trendy look to the room. To mount the soundbar on the top of the tv, we need a person who has proper technical knowledge or expertise in DIYs. You should be careful while doing it.

TV Stand:

You can use a TV stand both for keeping the TV and soundbar. The TV stand is a reliable way as it is not a floating shelf. We will find TV stands of different materials and types. You will find it in glass, wood, steel, etc.

But we should be careful that the material should be hard. While buying it, we should be careful about the width of the stand so that the soundbar fits properly.

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Winding Up:

People usually like to buy soundbars according to the length of their TV, but that’s not preferred. There are some cabinets particularly designed for these soundbars concerning their sound quality.

People have to plan by themselves how they are going to keep the soundbar or how they will design the cabinet/shelf.

Everyone has their own home decoration style. Depending upon the choices, everyone’s way of decorating is different. Likewise, we should place the soundbar shelf in such a way so that it gives a beautiful look to the room and suits the home decoration style.

While styling a soundbar, take utmost care so that no problem persists in playing clear sound. Good sound means good entertainment.

I hope, you like my ideas, and if have any more ideas or suggestions feel free to drop them in the comments section.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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