Is PC Building Really Hard:

Is PC Building Really Hard: Can You Do It?

Are you also thinking of building your own PC but can’t decide can you really able to do it. That’s why in this post I am going to discuss why PC building is not that tough as some people say.

Now, this is not a guide on how to build a PC on your own, there are plenty of tutorials available on the web where you can get in-depth knowledge about it. Rather, in this post, I am gonna discuss whether PC building is really that hard for normal people. Let’s start:

Is Building A PC Really Difficult? Although at first look building a PC looks a bit harder, but actually it is not that tough. In fact, a person with no experience in building a PC can do it easily after some research. But a newbie might get confused while selecting the perfect parts, that need knowledge of the market.

That’s why I highly recommend taking help from those who have experience in this field for selecting the best parts in your budget. After that, you can easily figure out how to build it completely through videos, blogs, or taking advice from others.

So, it is absolutely possible for a newbie or non-techy person too to build his/her own PC. Then why it is considered as hard. Well, as far I understand I come up with these factors because of which a beginner thinks PC building is hard.

Why Is PC Building Considered Hard?

Too Many Parts:

For building a PC, the user needs a CPU, GPU (optional), RAM, motherboard, PSU, cooler, cabinet, hard drive, keyboard, mice, monitor, which is a lot of parts for beginners.

So, when a person is building a PC for the first time, it is so easy to get confused seeing this many parts and ultimately leaving the idea of building the PC on his own.

If you are also thinking the same after seeing this many parts, don’t worry. The CPU, RAM, and cooler can be installed on the motherboard easily in under 15 minutes. It’s just a matter of a few clicks and tightening some screws.

Like them, installing the GPU, PSU, hard drives is also pretty simple. But if you use a custom cooler (AIO), not a stock cooler, then it is possible to face some difficulty with that. However, that, if you check the manual that comes with it, that will be enough for perfectly installing it on the PC.

Other than that, building a PC is not hard at all, after seeing some videos where parts should be installed and how you can easily do it.

Looks Complicated In The First Time:

At first view, big and separate parts of PC looks very complicated. When I build my first PC too, after looking at all the parts the first question I asked was can I able to do that?

I understand how it feels to see mountain-like parts and installing them yourself for the first time. But, it is easy than it looks, so just put your afford in it and you can save a significant amount of money.

Also, things I have mentioned till now are for those who have no idea about PC building. But if you love computers, know about their parts, I am sure you can easily build your own PC, don’t have to even think about anyone if you love computer.

Overall, although having tons of different options and dedicated parts save money, user can choose their preferred one in the budget, but if anyone is building his first PC, they can create confusion too.

So, don’t be afraid to see too many parts, most of them can be installed within a minute.

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Not Seeing The Result:

If PC building would be like programming, where we can write a code and test if it is correct or not, it will be much better.

As you can’t check if everything you are doing is write or any part isn’t installed properly while installing your PC. After pouring 3-5 hours, especially for beginners, when the user turns on the power and it won’t run;( this is really very scary.

That’s why a new PC buyer who doesn’t have enough experience mostly thinks about what will happen if it won’t run. And finally, leave the idea of building it on his own.

But, there are some methods by which you can actually see if all the parts are installed in the midway and can also detect what is the error if the PC is not starting.

The method for testing a PC if it is running is called the POST (power on self test). For this, you have to install the CPU, cooler, and RAM and connect it with the PSU and the monitor as well.

Then with a screwdriver touch the two power pins (connect them with it) of your motherboard and that’s it, it will boot up immediately. This really increases the morale of the PC builder and he can be assured that till then he hasn’t made any mistakes. You can also try this.

Also, As I have said above you can see if any part is not working. Most of the premium motherboards come with a little screen that shows error code by which you can know which part is showing the error.

But if your motherboard doesn’t have a screen like that to show error, you can buy a PCIe Motherboard Diagnostic Card, which basically does the same thing.

Although these methods I have discussed are better for beginners, after you build 1-2 PCs on your own, I am sure you don’t even need anything like that.

Why Is PC Building So Fun?

Building a PC yourself gives another level of satisfaction, yes it is time-consuming but completely worth the research of its parts and finally building. Once a person builds his first PC, more likely he tries to build a couple more (friends, relatives PCs).

It is such an additive and fun thing to do.

Can You Build Your Own PC?

Building a PC is actually very easy and any person with no experience can also do it after researching about the parts for 2-5 days. After buying, you just have to know how the parts are installed in detail. After knowing that, you can easily build your own PC.

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Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this post, your queries about is PC building really hard are cleared. If you have anything more, feel free to reach us. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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