Is PC A Console?

Is PC A Console? Things Gamers Should Know

Gaming PC is by far the most popular way to play games, but there are also devices like PlayStation, Xbox, known as gaming consoles used for gaming in huge amounts. Yesterday, I was chatting with my discord members (a gamers group) and one guy randomly asked me can we call gaming PCs as console?

This is actually a quite interesting question and we had discussed this topic for an hour. So, after listening to everyone + my personal opinion and doing research I have come up with some interesting answers, I hope they can convince you why a gaming PC can or can’t be called a console.

Is PC A Console?

A gaming console actually means gaming with comfort with immersive experience, so gamers can play on the couch, lying on bed comfortably. But gaming PCs are there for the best gaming performance supporting other tasks, unlike consoles. So, gaming PCs can’t be described as consoles, they are for serious work.

I am not saying you can’t do serious gaming on consoles, you definitely can. But compared to gaming PCs, where you can control every movement with keyboard, mouse, and do perfect aim, consoles are not that great in this manner. That’s why, in consoles, playing FPS games is not that great because you have to do perfect aim for that.

Also, consoles are made for giving a good gaming experience, features like different vibration effects (dual sense), easily holdable controllers, plug and play with TV, monitors make it a good device for those who are gaming for chilling.

Otherwise, gamers who often play battle royale, FPS games, gaming PC is still the best option available.

So, gaming PCs and consoles both target different types of gamers, and their capabilities are also different. That’s why it will be better if we don’t call a PC console.

With that said, let’s also have a look at what are the exact differences between these two:

What’s The Difference Between PC And Console?

Comfortable Play:

As I have discussed above the main focus of consoles is to give comfortable gaming experience, you can also consider it as plug and play. You don’t have to choose parts, build like a PC, you just have to buy the console, buy the game, and start playing.

So, for gamers who just want to sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful graphics and gameplay, consoles are the best option.

Rather, gaming PCs are just like normal PCs but with a powerful graphics card as well as CPU, and they can give a much better & accurate performance.

So, for eSports, FPS, high refresh rate gaming, gaming PCs are the best. They might not be as comfortable as consoles but they definitely give better and accurate control over the games and also in multitasking (like streaming).

Focuses Only In Gaming:

In a gaming PC, you can do all the other stuff like normal PC, but on a console, you can only play games. So, for those who wanna play some games, also want a good PC for other tasks, say doing college, work stuff, then it can be easily doable in it.

In fact, gaming PCs tend to do better in normal works as they are more powerful than normal PCs. But on the other hand, you don’t get enough flexibility with the consoles. They are just for gaming, so just connect it with any screen and game on it, nothing else.

That’s why gaming PCs often cost higher as they are not only for gaming and a PC builder also thinks about using it for other works and chooses parts accordingly. So, here comes the next factor-

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Price Differences:

As I am discussing in the previous section, gaming consoles can only run games, so they are more optimized and can give a better price to performance ratio. For example, one of the latest consoles i.e. PlayStation 5 cost only $500.

It might seem a lot at first glance but seeing the fact that it can provide 4K gaming, actually, it is a very cheap deal comparing to PCs. For 4K gaming in PCs, you at least have to get GPUs like RTX 3070 and that alone is going to take $500, so the overall PC will be much expensive.

Also, sometimes consoles brands don’t make much profit by selling the console, rather they try to provide it for as cheap as possible so that more and more people buy it. After that, they really make money from the games or from the monthly subscription.

After buying the console obviously you will buy games, and you are going to do it at regular intervals, so they focus more on that. This is impossible on PC.

Basically, PCs are all in one solution, you can use them for whatever you want. On the other hand, if you have a normal PC but want something for gaming, and you love story games rather than action FPS games, then consoles will be the best option for you. They are cheap, portable, and super comfortable.

So, after pointing the main differences between a console and a PC, here is the most famous question:

Is PC Better Or Console?

PC and console both have different specialties, consoles are good for games who just want to play games for chilling, enjoy the gameplay and graphics of the games. On the other hand, for hard-core gamers, FPS, battle royal games, or those who want an all-in-one combo, gaming PCs will be the best.

So, you have to consider what you really need, and choose the best. If you have any difficulties in choosing, don’t worry I am here to help, just reach me. Btw, I am not getting into much detail about the gaming experience between PC vs console as I am writing only how a PC is different from the console in this post.

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Here is another question that people ask about this topic, let’s have a look:

Is PC Gaming Dying?

PC gaming isn’t dying, in fact, it is going upwards than previous years. As more and more people are into gaming now, both console and PC gaming is in trend. So it is safe to say that, PC gaming is never going to die.

I hope, you can learn something new after reading this post and got the answers to your questions, that’s it for today, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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