is an AIO Worth buying?

Is An AIO Worth Buying?

For high-end PC builds, AIOs are go-to cooling system that is used. But it is also very expensive, that’s why it is very important to know does it really worth buying and when you should buy it. Let’s discuss about it today.

So, does an AIO Worth buying? AIOs worth buying only with high-end PC builds or PC builds where the user does overclock. Because if a user doesn’t overclock his PC, then a simple air cooler can also cool down the CPU easily, there is no advantage of buying super expensive AIOs in this scenario.

That’s why you should only buy an AIO when you are gonna use your PC at an extreme level, otherwise in normal uses it doesn’t worth buying (unless you need fancy RGB). Now, let’s discuss it deeply:

Why Do You Need AIO’s?

Let me answer this question with a basic example and a brief explanation. While working on a computer, sometimes I’ve experienced a sudden increase in humming sound and suddenly it drops to the level where you can’t even believe that this CPU has a fan. 

The reason behind this noise fluctuation is the usage of the computer. If you use a website that puts loads on your pc or high-end games which consume lots of memory causes full usage of pc. 

This excess load plays an important factor in your computer’s performance. If your cooling fan doesn’t work properly or your computer heats up instantly, this can cause heavy lag and crash your computer system. 

All of this can be countered just by upgrading your cooling system. Many gamers use very expensive liquid cooling systems as these systems are the best in the market. But for average usage, you can have AIO. 

AIO’s work the same as other liquid cooling systems, but the difference is the fan and its portability and quick installation. You just have to follow the instructions mentioned in the guide and here’s your new efficient set up with high-end performance.

Further AIO’s are useful for people like me, who like to assemble or customize the whole setup on our own. We can choose awesome RGB lighting, custom fans with the AIOs.

Other than that people can get a kit and a customized cooling system option where you have to assemble the whole setup by yourself.

Benefits of AIO cooler:

The benefits of the AIO cooler are many so be ready to count on your fingers and get the new important information about it.

All in one cooler are used because of its better cooling techniques. Water is considered the best coolant than any other heatsink out there.

I know you are a bit confused about how water is the best! Let me explain it in detail. In summers when you go to the beach and swim in the sea. At first, you will think that the water will be somewhat hot but it is super cool and you love to swim in it. 

This happens because of the hydrogen bonding in the water molecule, this causes the water to become warm but sucks the heat out of the system and further, it throws out the air through the fans attached to it. 

Here I know some of you will think that it has fans the same as an air cooler than how it is quieter. Because of the water, there is less load on the fan and this makes the system more silent than an air cooler. 

These quick cooling benefits will definitely upgrade your computer to a high-end pc with negligible lag in it. Apart from that, it consumes less space, so you can install more rams or a graphic card or can make it an aesthetic set up. 

Are AIOs Better Than Air Coolers?

Definitely, AIO’s are way better than Air coolers. For high-end PC’s AIOs are always preferable to the budget air coolers. Also, most of the AIOs come with RGB which makes it awesome lookwise. But it is not budget-friendly at all. SO, for budget builds air coolers are the best and for high-end PCs, liquid coolers (AIOs) are the best.

Keeping other things in mind, liquid cooling does have drawbacks. Firstly, it is a LIQUID cooling system so there are cases where you can see leakages and that causes damage to their computer system. However, these cases are the rarest ones. 

Still, I’ll recommend you to check the company’s background, if they claim to recover your losses and pay from their end. Many buyers fool customers by selling such systems at cheaper rates. Other than this AIO has no issues on record. 

Till now our industry has this system as the promising one as it provides high performance with very cool RGB lightings too (Only if you install one).

Is An Single Fan AIOWorth It?

Many people on various platforms ask these types of questions, like do I need a single fan AIO? Do I need Multiple fans in my system? So my answer is, there’s no need to look for multiple fan AIO if you are using it for normal usage, for editing (not overclocking), or other professional work

Other than that, a single fan is as reliable as you can easily start a gaming channel by having it on your computer. People who really rely on their gaming, streaming, and have to use high-end computers for their work need a multi fan cooler.

Some people have this because of the aesthetic setup and much more space it provides. It cancels out all dust problems as the fans take a very low load.

If you see, for basic work, air coolers are more than efficient but just because of the comfort and smooth functioning of computers with less heat, AIO’s are recommended. 


So we have reached the end and I’ve tried to explain every bit of information I have. If you have any questions regarding it or have some extra information about any of the coolers, feel free to comment down below or contact me via email.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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