How Much Does A Monitor

How Much Does A Monitor Weigh?

With the passing time, PC users are more going towards bigger monitors. The average size of a monitor is 24-inch which was a very big monitor size till 4-5 years ago. But have you ever thought about monitor’s weight with their increasing size? Let’s discuss it today:

How Much Does A Monitor Weigh? An average monitor weighs from 15 pounds up to 60 pounds. The weight directly depends upon how big the monitor is and what type of the monitor is. For example, a 24-inch gaming monitor weighs less than a same-sized slim monitor for video editing.

If you are buying an average 24-inch gaming monitor, most likely it is gonna weigh from 15-25 pounds. I have done some research on the weight of different monitors to see how much they weigh. So, here is the results:

Monitor NameMonitor TypeSizeWeight
ViewSonic ELITE XG240RGaming24-inch14.8 Pounds
Dell SE2719HRGaming27-inch15.7 Pounds
Alienware AW5520QFGaming55-inch57.9 pounds
Razer Raptor 27Gaming27-inch30  pounds
BenQ PD3200UGRaphics Work32-inch27.5 pounds
Dell UltraSharp U3219Q GRaphics Work31.5-inch12.7 Pounds

So, if you are buying an average-sized monitor like 24-inch, 27-inch, in most of the monitors you can see normal weight from 15 to 30 pounds. But if you are buying a pretty huge-sized monitor like the Alienware one I have mentioned here, most likely, it weighs like a TV.

Now, many people say that gaming monitors weigh more than normal monitors. Is it really true?

Well, the gaming monitor’s weight is slightly more than the normal ones. As most of the gaming monitors have a high-resolution screen with high-refresh rate and low response time screen, it becomes pretty hard to maintain all these features in a tiny tiny sleek looking screen.

That’s why most of the proper gaming monitors look bulky and ultimately weigh higher than the normal ones. Also, some gaming monitors do come with a shield for proper covering and concentration increase, awesome for e-sports. These things overall add ons the weight of a gaming monitor.

However, with the evolving time, gaming monitors are also becoming slimmer and slimmer and till now we can see significant weight loss:) compared to 4 years earlier monitors.

But, if you are not a professional gamer, just need a monitor for other tasks, you can easily get one less weight and awesome-looking monitor without almost negligible bezels at a good price. Gaming monitors are also not weigh extremely high, you can only see just a 3-5 pound weight difference, nothing else.

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How Heavy Is A 24-inch Monitor?

A 24-inch monitor monitors weights from 14 to 30 pounds. The weight of it also depends on what type of monitor the user is buying. A gaming monitor with high-end features generally weighs a little bit higher than general monitors that come with less bezels having the same size.

Although I have also seen some monitors for esports that weigh up to 35 pounds, the latest gaming monitors don’t weigh this much for esports too. So, you can estimate a maximum of 30 pounds if you are buying a gaming monitor and 15-23 pounds if a normal 24-inch monitor.

How Much Does A Monitor Arm Weight?

On average, monitor arms weigh from 5.5 pounds to 10 pounds and ever higher. As good quality metal is mostly used on these arms, which are very heavy, so sometimes the monitor arm’s weight can even cross the actual monitor weight.

I have collected the weight of some very popular monitor arms and found that the quality monitors arms generally weights higher. Now, this doesn’t mean all the heavy monitor arms are good, but as good quality metals weigh higher than cheap plastic, so good monitor arms weigh higher.

Here are some of the most popular monitor arm weight:

Monitor ArmsMaterialWeight
AmazonBasics Monitor StandSteel5.5 pounds 
Ergotron LX Aluminum 7.9 pounds 
NB North Bayou F80Aluminium 4.6 pounds 
Jarvis Monitor ArmSteel10 pounds 

How Much Does A Gaming Monitor Weigh?

A gaming monitor weighs 3-5 pounds more than normal monitors of the same size on average. Typically, a 27-inch gaming monitor weighs around 25 to 35 pounds while big-size gaming monitors can also weigh 50 pounds and more.

As I discussed above, with the passing time, the small line between gaming and other monitors is becoming very ting. A few years back, gaming monitors used to be very bulky and has awesome response time and refresh rate and so weights also significantly higher.

But nowadays, normal monitors also do come with a high refresh rate and response time, and gaming monitors also not that bulky like before. So we can only see a little bit of a weight difference now.

How Much Does A 27-inch Monitor Weigh?

A 27-inch monitor can weigh from 20 to 35 pounds. Obviously, what kind of monitor you are buying also affects the weight but on average most of the 27-inch monitors come in this weight range.

Less bezels, mounting options, slim designs impact the weight of the monitors significantly. As 27-inch monitors are a little bit bigger, so these are best for home uses, just set up once and don’t need to carry it.

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In this post, I have discussed the weight of monitors, why gaming monitors wight higher than normal ones. I have also included the weight of monitor arms.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in the comments or contact me through email.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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