How Long Do PSUs Last?

How Long Do Power Supplies (PSUs) Last?

Computer power supplies (PSUs) are one of the longest-lasting parts. Because if you get a powerful PSU from a reputed brand, you can get up to 10 years warranty on that, isn’t it amazing? That’s why I consider it one of the longest-lasting parts of the whole PC.

But, PSUs lifespan also depends on various factors like voltage fluctuations (surge), overclocking, cooling.

And all the users don’t even need a high-end PSU (come with 8-10 years warranty), in that case, how much you can expect your PSU to last, let’s discuss it in this post:

How Long Does A PSU Last? A power supply (PSU) lasts 7-8 years on average. Usually, the high-end PSUs (that also cost more and do have longer warranty) last more than the budget ones. Also, factors like high surge, lightning, excessive overclocking can lead to sudden and early PSU failure.

Overall, the more powerful PSU you choose, the more it is going to last in normal situations as they do come with better capacitors, PCB, cooling, and other parts as well.

Moreover, how you use the PC also impacts pretty hard on the PSU in the long term. For example, if you overclock extremely, then obviously the PSU has to work pretty hard to give more power to the GPU or CPU (what are you overclocking).

That’s why having a PSU from a good brand, which is entirely capable to handle the overclocking or what you do will last way longer than using budget PSUs in this case.

As all the users don’t overclock their PC, so the average lifespan of PSU is high and if you also don’t overclock much then you can also expect that much lifespan from your PSU.

Otherwise, if you are overclocking with a budget PSU extremely, in this case, chances are that it won’t last that long.

But don’t worry, if you have bought the PSU from a good brand then those PSUs come with a longer warranty time period, so you don’t have to think much.

Also, we can technically say that a PSU will last at least to its warranty, meaning if a PSU does come with 5 years warranty, then it will definitely run at least 5 years or more. If it also wears out during this time, you can always replace it, basically, you don’t have to spend it on your own.

So, let’s try to analyze how much PSUs last from their warranty, here are some of the most popular PSUs that are commonly used by PC builders:

Power Supply (PSU)OutputWarranty
Corsair CX450450W5 Years
Corsair RM750x750W10 Years
XPG Core Reactor 650W650W10 Years
Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-10001000W12 Years
EVGA 430 W1430W3 Years
EVGA 500 B1 (budget)500W3 Years

Personally, I have used 3-4 PSUs till now and build around 25 PCs, based on all experiences I will say PSUs last at least 3-4 years more than their warranty in normal scenarios.

So, you can easily calculate what should the actual lifespan of the PSU you are using based on its warranty and brand’s reputation.

The next question that most of the PC users ask me about PSUs is how to know when the power supply is failing so that they can take precautionary measures.

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How Do You Know If Your PSU Is Failing?

Story (How My First PSU Get Blasted?): One morning I was playing GTA V, then I heard a big explosion inside my PC case. I thought my entire PC was gone. Then I opened it, and following a burning smell also opened the PSU. And guess what, it was a lizard, which got inside the PSU and damaged it completely along with itself. Here is a pic 🙂

First PSU: back in 2012:(

Basically, I want to say that, life is full of unexpected incidents, so no other than you can only solve your problem, others can only help. Here also, I can show some most common indications PSU shows when they are failing gradually. In cases like lizards, you have to find it on your own:) Let’s continue:

Although there is not any direct method to know if your power supply is failing, still analyzing some indications you can still get if there is something wrong with it. Here are some of them:

PC Crashing Suddenly:

If your PC shuts down suddenly especially when you put much load or overclock, then this can mostly happen because of either a low wattage PSU or if the PSU is going bad. Now, if you have built a new PC, and from day one you are getting this issue, then lower wattage PSU is responsible for it.

Otherwise, if you haven’t added /upgraded any power heavy parts (like GPU, CPU, RGB parts) in your PC and all of a sudden you are seeing this error, then you should check the PSU status as there are high chances that it going bad over time.

PSU Heating Up Badly:

It is common for most of the budget PSUs to heat up a bit when they run at their full capacity. With that said, if you are suddenly facing this issue, PSU is heating up drastically at a lower load too, then you should check the PSU once.

Also, it is normal for PSUs to heat up sometimes, you only need to give importance if it is happening over and over again.

Overall, if you are facing these issues, then you should show it in the shop (replace) if it is in warranty. Otherwise, you have to spend from your own pocket if it has any issues.

Basically, if you are seeing these issues with your PSU, then be careful it can go bad in the near future.

But what about if you want to change the PSU manually. As parts like CPU, GPU are becoming more and more power-hungry so after some years it can make sense to upgrade the PSU entirely. If so, how often you should do it?

How Often Should You Replace Your PSU?

This actually depends on what the user is doing. If the PC is running for long hours or used for tasks like mining, constant overclocking, then it will be better to update or change the PSU in 3-4 years as these consume high power. Otherwise, 6-8 years in mid-range PSUs and 10 years for high-end PSUs is a good time to replace them.

Overall, if you are doing something that needs a huge amount of power (eg: high-end GPU, CPU) then you need to change the PSU more quickly than budget or mid-range PC users.

Do PSU Go Bad Over Time (Wear Out)?

PSUs are actually one of the longest-lasting parts of a computer. Good (expensive) PSUs can easily last for 8-10 years in normal situations. So, if they are used under normal conditions they don’t go bad that quickly, but in the case of extreme uses, they can go bad sometimes (the budget ones).

Again this rate is very less, that’s why you don’t have to check PSUs much unless you are not seeing anything.

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Basically, the lifespan of power supply depends on what the user is doing on the PC and also its quality, can it even handle the strain that it is getting.

If you just take care of these factors that I have discussed in this post, you can easily calculate when to upgrade your PSU and when it is failing. Feel free to ask me if you have anything more in mind, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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