How Long Do Dell XPS Laptops Last?

How Long Do Dell XPS Laptops Last?

Dell XPS series laptops are one of the best Windows laptops available in the market. If anyone asks me the question, which high-end laptop they should go for, I would definitely advise choosing one from this series. But, often I got the following question, how long these XPS series laptops are gonna last? Well, let’s discuss it in this post:

How Long Do Dell XPS Laptops Last? Dell XPS series can last from 6 up to 8 years depending on how latest the user is buying. As the XPS series also contains tons of different variants, having the latest ones with the latest CPU, motherboard, cooling system lasts more than buying an old laptop from the XPS series. Overall, it is safe to expect at least 8 years if you have the latest XPS laptop.

So, the XPS laptops age depends on what generation you are buying, suppose if you are buying an XPS laptop with an older generation (9th or lower) CPU, then it is more likely gonna expire soon.

Not like that, you can’t use it after some years, but there are high chances that it starts lagging, stops supporting the latest software a few years later. So, the lifespan of your XPS laptops directly gonna depend on what model you are buying.

As XPS series has tons of different laptop options, some of them are from previous generations and some latest (updated in 2020) so I highly recommend buying the latest laptops for using long time.

Now, I have pulled down the data of some of the best XPS laptops and how long can they last, check the table below:

XPS LaptopMinimum Lifespan
XPS 13 (Old Variant)5-6 years
XPS 13 (new)7-10 years
XPS 15 (old)7 years
XPS 15 (new)8-10 years
XPS 1710 years
This is average data, can vary from laptop to laptop

Now, I have discussed the XPS laptop’s lifespan till now, but it also depends on how you are using them.

As most laptops don’t last much because of damage rather outdating, it is very easy to break a laptop as we mostly carry them along with us. So, here are some things that affect the laptop’s lifespan.

What Depends On Laptop Age?

No matter how the latest and powerful a laptop you are buying, if it somehow falls from a high place or gets damaged, it is not gonna last long. That’s why it is pretty important to take care of these things if you are buying an expensive laptop like XPS series laptops and wanna use it for a long time.

Your Behaviour With Laptop:

I often see people throwing their laptops on the bed, open the lid hard. These types of activities can easily damage the laptop and decrease its lifespan. As laptops are very delicate electronic gadgets, use them with love, handle the lid gently.

Also, while traveling, make sure to use a good laptop bag where it fits properly, otherwise, laptop’s corners can get damaged easily.

Having a good grip on the laptop while carrying it from one place to another is also very important. If you take care of your laptop, it is definitely gonna last long.

Performance Mode:

If you are using any laptop (including XPS series laptops) in high-performance mode, then I recommend plugging in the adapter. As if you use the laptop in a high-performance mode in battery power, it is gonna put too much pressure on the battery.

In the long run, if this continues, the battery is not gonna last long. So, if you are doing any high-end task, where a huge amount of system resources is using, it is way better to connect the laptop with the electricity.

How reliable are Dell XPS laptops?

Dell XPS series contains some of the best windows laptops that available in the market. Although these are not cheap anyway, seeing the performance, it is totally worth buying.

These laptops offer a good user experience and come with tons of cool features, and if the user handles it well, then it can run for at least 8 years. So, these laptops are very reliable too.

Also as Dell is a well-reputed brand, you don’t have to worry about after-sales services. Their customer support is good and also has enough stores where you can show your product if you face any issue.

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In this post, I have discussed the lifespan of the Dell XPS series laptop. I hope after reading it, you get an idea about how long these laptops can last. Reach us if you have any queries. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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