Why Do Gaming PCs Have Lights

RGB in Gaming PCs: Do They Matter?

Making a custom computer especially with cool RGB lighting is the first preference of gamers nowadays. But have you ever thought about why gamers love RGB lighting and why all the PC parts like Keyboard, Mice, Motherboard, CPU cooler, RAM are coming with RGB lighting nowadays? Well, let’s discuss it in this post:

Why Do Gaming PCs Have Lights? Having customizable lighting in gaming PCs makes the whole setup way better look-wise. Also, for gamers who love to play in dark, having lighting help in easily finding the keys. Also, having RGB in parts also costs and sells more, so it is beneficial for the company too. Not only that as RGB is the new trend and gamers often stream/record so having cool lighting in their PC helps in maintaining video quality.

Gaming PCs now coming with a whole RGB ecosystem, so all the parts get synced in an ecosystem and start glowing according to a specific pattern you choose. Overall, if your computer has RGB lighting you get millions of different color adjustment options.

(Personally I like syncing my fans, motherboard, cooler and RAM, it is just awesome)

So, RGB lighting is the new trend and it also has tons of advantages, not only the look factor, that’s why gaming PCs have lights. Manufacture companies also love this as it also boosts sales because of RGB.

Why Are Gamers Obsessed With RGB?

Not only gamers but almost all the PC users who know about the current trend and wanna make their setup look good, like RGB. I have asked 50 gamers who do have RGB in their system about why they love RGB lighting, here are their answers:


The main reason because of choosing RGB lighting looks. If you have good color taste, then it is the best for you. When you have RGB on the keyboard, mouse, or in the PC, it makes the whole setup refreshing.

Earlier, RGB was only available in keyboards and in mice. But seeing its craze, you can RGB everywhere, in the RAM, motherboard, Cooler, GPU, fan, even in the SSD. So having all these RGB parts and sync them together for specific lighting effects enhances the looks and the value.

Content Creation:

If you are also thinking about why looks are important for gamers and they care so much, here is the answer:

Most of the gamers stream and record their gameplay and share it on the web. For this purpose, having a good setup, specifically with RGB makes the overall video quality much higher. Without any lighting, it looks a little bit dull.

Not only that, PC is the main gear for a gamer, so obviously who don’t want to make their favorite gadget look good, so RGB is a good option in this case.

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Tons Of Adjustments:

With RGB lighting, you get literally tons of adjustment options. You can do whatever you want with your PC, you can match it with the overall set-up, play any special effect, etc.

So, RGB lighting is the best option if your setup looks not that great or you like to try a new look every day. If you have RGB lighting in all your parts, a new look is a few clicks away.


There are more benefits of RGB than only enhancing the looks. Most gamers love to play games in dark. So, if the keyboard is not RGB it becomes harder to find keys. Although gamers mostly use touch typing, still without RGB using a PC in the dark isn’t that convenient.

It Is Emotion

In the end, RGB is an emotion for gamers:) No matter how to budget a PC a gamer is building, he will try to choose RGB compatible parts are much as he can.

But what about normal people, should they buy a PC with RGB?

Is RGB Worth It?

Having RGB on PC is completely worth it for those who wanna make their system look good, not only gamers but anyone can choose RGB. But if you are building a budget PC, don’t wanna spend on lighting only, then you can skip RGB lighting.

Obviously, having RGB lighting in components costs also higher, so for general users who don’t need it and building a budget PC, then you shouldn’t worry about RGB.

Also, having RGB in all components consumes more power, so a good power supply is also important if you want RGB in your system.

So, I recommend getting RGB parts according to your need. If you really like it then only you should spend the extra bucks for it. Otherwise, if you just need a good PC, looks don’t matter for you much, then you can save a significant amount of money buying non-RGB parts.

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Wrapping up:

In this post I have discussed RGB parts, why do they matter, and why gamers like them. I hope you can learn something new after reading this post. If you have anything more question in mind, reach us.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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