Does Laptop Microphone & Speaker Work When Closed?

Does Laptop Microphone & Speaker Work When Closed?

Yesterday, I was recording on my laptop, after I have done my project I just closed the lid (btw, I never shut down my laptop:).

When I opened my laptop again, everything I recorded earlier was wiped out and then this question comes to my mind if laptop’s microphone really turns off working while the lid is closed. Well, let’s discuss it in this post:

Does Laptop Microphone Work When Lid is Closed? A laptop’s microphone stops working as soon as the lid is closed. Also, in some laptops, they can hold what was recording earlier before the lid is closed while in others after closing the lid, all the recordings got canceled if not saved manually.

Basically, you should save your recordings if you are closing the laptop’s lid. And a laptop’s inbuilt microphone won’t record anything if the lid is closed.

For example, if you are recording something, as soon as you close the lid, the microphone stops working and your voice won’t be recorded.

Now, is there any way to use laptops and record voice when the lid is closed?

Can Laptop Record Sound When Lid Is Closed?

However most of the laptops microphone stops working as soon as the lid is closed, but there some methods by which you can record your sound when Laptop is closed.

Using an external microphone, different microphone software, changing settings, you can use a laptop to record voice when it is closed. Let’s discuss a look one by one:

External Microphone:

Although most of the laptop’s inbuilt microphone stops working when it is closed, if you use an external microphone to record your voice and set your laptop to record when it is closed, you can easily do it.

You can easily get external microphones from $5-$10 and they provide quite a good sound quality. Also, if your laptop doesn’t have a good microphone, then you can use external ones for better quality.

So, this method works most of the time but the problem with it is you have to buy a new microphone.

But is there any way you can record when the lid closed without buying any external mic? Well, there is a method, however, it might not work every time, but it worth a try.

Running Laptop When Lid Is Closed:

The next thing we are gonna do is enabling a laptop to run when its lid is closed.

After you enable it, when the lid is closed still the microphone will keep on recording. However, all laptop models don’t give the same result so it doesn’t work in all models. But you should try it once.

To enable it follows these steps:

  • Go to Windows Settings and Power Options.
  • After that set it to Balanced Mode and click on Change Settings.
  • On that, click on Change Advanced Power Options.
  • Then a window will pop up, expand the Power Buttons and lid.
  • Under Lid Close Option On battery and Plugged in select do nothing.

After that just save everything and you are good to go. Check if your microphone is now recording when the lid is closed or not.

Also make sure to select Never in computer sleep Mode if it doesn’t work first.

Till now I have discussed how you can use microphones while the lid is closed. But what about the speakers, do they work when the lid is closed?

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Do Laptop Speakers Work When The Lid Is Closed?

Laptop speakers generally stop working as soon as you close the laptop lid. However, if you enable running the laptop while the lid is closed (Mentioned earlier) then the speakers keep on running no matter if the lid is open or closed.

Also, if you are using any special kind of software then also after closing the lid the speaker keeps on running. Basically, it depends on your settings or what software you are using.

Now, let’s take a look at some common errors that people often face regarding their laptop microphones.

Microphone Only Works If My Laptop Is Nearly Closed?

If the microphone you are using is inbuilt with the laptop, first you should check to reinstall the drivers. Otherwise, if you are using external mics, then you can try reconnecting it sometimes.

If nothing works, then you should take it to the store and they will check it for you. As there is not much you can do physically unless you are a PC hardware engineer, so it will be better to show it to professionals.

Moreover, this mainly happens because of any physical damage, if the laptop falls and takes damage these kinds of issues take place.

No Sound When Laptop’s Lid Is Closed?

It is normal if a laptop’s speaker won’t work when the lid is closed. However, if you enable the settings to Run Laptop When Lid Is Closed the speakers will work normally as they work when the laptop is open.

You can follow my instructions (mentioned above) to enable it. Basically, if your laptop’s speakers are automatically turning off when you are closing the lid, it is completely normal and you should not be worried.

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Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this post you get the answer to your question does the laptop microphone stops while it is closed and how you can turn it on.

If you have any questions in mind further, feel free to ask me in the comments, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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