Fascinating Facts To Know About Motherboard Drivers

After buying a new motherboard or building a brand new PC, the first question that comes to mind is: do I need to install motherboard drivers for better as well as smoother performance? If you are thinking the same, I hope today I can clear your doubt. So, my answer will be:

Yes, you do have to install motherboard drivers after a new installation or new boot. Although motherboard/PC parts work without installing the specific drivers, sometimes features are not completely accessible if the drivers are not installed properly. Also, in some cases, users don’t get a smoother experience if the motherboard drivers are not installed.

For accessing features like wifi, Bluetooth, ethernet (if installed on the motherboard) it is very important to have the latest drivers installed, otherwise more likely you will not gonna use those amazing features.

There is one more thing to remember while installing your motherboard drivers. The drivers come within a CD, often these drivers come in the CD are outdated. So, if you want to get the best performance it is very important to install the latest drivers only. Wait, are you thinking how you do that, it’s pretty easy.

Installing latest motherboard drivers from official website:

  • Every motherboard brand has its own website, unless if you are buying from a quite generic brand, which I don’t recommend by the way.
  • You just have to go to the manufacturer’s website. (For example, I have a gigabyte motherboard. So, I will go to the gigabyte official website)
  • Then I will go to the drivers for the motherboard section and then type me motherboard model name which is Z390. After that, I will download the drivers and install them one by one. It is as easy as this.

Now, I know all the people are not techy, some might not find the drivers page easily, so what you do in that case? just contact me or contact the manufacturer companies support team. 

Overall, yes you can run your PC without installing the motherboard. But, if you want to get the best performance from it, wanna enjoy the latest features like wifi, audio, etc I recommend installing the drivers, the latest drivers.

Now, let’s discuss some special cases:

Are motherboard drivers necessary?

If you just wanna use your motherboard, you can do that without a driver too. But, it is recommended to install the drivers for better and continuous performance. Also, for using advanced features, installing the drivers is pretty necessary. So, it is quite necessary to install motherboard drivers for unlocking all features.

If you are using a really budget/cheap motherboard, then without installing the drivers also you might use your whole PC. But I think, there are not any disadvantages of installing them, don’t have to pay, so I always recommend installing the drivers.

Should you install Windows before motherboard drivers?

Yes, you should, actually, you have to install windows before motherboard drivers. Because if you don’t install windows, where you install the drivers, think about it:)

If you are thinking your motherboard will not detect other parts without installing the drivers, then don’t worry, it will. But you always have to install the motherboard drivers after installing the operating system.

Otherwise you can’t install the drivers before installing the windows.

Also, many computer uses ask me that they don’t have an optical drive, and since they got the motherboard drivers on a CD, so they can’t install the drivers. Since most of the latest cases don’t have to an optical slot, so it is a very interesting question.

My suggestion would be installing drivers from the official website than CD. Yes, you can always download the latest drivers from the manufacturer website, so technically you don’t have to frustrate thinking about CD’s for installation drivers.

My opinion:

After reading until now, I hope you got that you have to install the motherboard drivers. But, do you have to install all of them or any specific ones?

Actually, this depends upon your uses. If you play games then you have to install the graphics drivers (which is not a motherboard driver btw), like this if you are inserting an advance drive/gadget in your motherboard, then also most likely you have to install drivers. Otherwise, either system will not recognize it or not run smoothly.

But, for parts like RAM, CPU, storage, you don’t have to install any drivers generally. The best way to check it is to see if the part is working well or not. For example, if the motherboard is not detecting any specific part, not giving the 100% performance of any part, you have to install the drivers in that case.

Otherwise, if your PC is running buttery smoothly, you don’t have to do anything.


I hope after reading this post your conception about motherboard drivers is clear now. But, if you have any questions, feel free to comment down below. We will definitely help you out.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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