Do You Need a PC For Using A Monitor?

Do You Need A PC For Using A Monitor?

Monitors are mostly used with computers, the output from the graphics card or APU is displayed on the monitor. But recently they are also used with consoles, media streaming devices like Amazon fire stick, Chromecast, this fuels the question do monitors really need a computer?

Or you can use a monitor with other devices too, let’s discuss it in this post: 

Do You Need A PC For A Monitor? A monitor can just display the output coming from a device, so it is possible to use a monitor without a PC if it is getting signal from other devices. But, without any device monitor will turn on but won’t show anything. So, monitors don’t need a PC if it is paired with consoles, streaming devices.

Basically, a full-fledged computer is not compulsory at all if you want to use a monitor for other reasons. Now, let’s discuss in detail when a monitor doesn’t need a computer to display, or how you can use it without a PC?

How To Use A Monitor Without PC?

As I have mentioned above, it is not possible to use a monitor without any device that can send the signal. So it needs any devices like these below:   

Using Gaming Consoles:

If you are using gaming consoles with monitors, then you don’t need a PC to operate them. You can easily play games in the console UI (user interface).

Consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch come with their own systems, which can be accessible by controller after connecting it with a monitor or TV through HDMI.

So, these consoles can give the output to the monitor (that is given by the GPU in PCs). But keep this in mind, if you are using the console only, you don’t get the features of a computer, rather you can only use the console’s features.

The next question arises, do monitors really used only for consoles?

Yes, console gamers, especially battle royal and multiplayer players often use a separate monitor for their consoles without PC. So, if you don’t have a computer but still wanna play console games, you can easily do it through a monitor (you can also use latest TV).

Using Monitors For Screen Mirroring:

Mirroring is nothing but showing a small screen display (like smartphone, iPad) in a monitor which makes the overall size bigger and also more user-friendly. This is quite helpful if the user wants to view in a bigger display.

Suppose you are watching a movie with your family, rather than watching it on a phone or a small device like this, it will be far better if you mirror it on a big monitor.

Now also note that for screen mirroring, the device should also support the feature, otherwise, you are gonna need a PC for doing the mirroring. However, most of the latest android and ios devices do come with screen mirroring options, so that most likely will not be an issue.

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All In One Computers (PC comes in the monitor):

Some people don’t like having a separate cabinet, monitors, speakers for their PC. That’s why all in one computers are introduced.

These are basically same monitor-looking devices but have full computers inside, they have CPU, RAM, speakers, etc. So, if you are also looking for a minimal solution then it can be perfect for you.

These are some of the best all in one computers (AIOs):

  1. The latest iMacs (with M1 chipsets) are the best among all the AIO PCs.
  2. You can also consider Dell XPS, HP curved AIO if you want good windows experience in AIOs.

I know that these monitors do have a PC inside and I am talking about running monitors without PC. I am only mentioning it because most of the users (who want to use a monitor without PC) look for a minimum or clean-looking setup. For them, these AIO PCs can be an awesome option.

Streaming Devices:

There is another way to simply use your monitor without connecting it to a computer. If you connect it with streaming devices like Amazon fire stick, Roku Streaming Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, you can get smart TV features in it.

Doing this, you can easily stream all the shows/programs on the monitor which you can do on a smart TV. The best thing with these devices, you don’t need a computer to use the monitor.

However, if your monitor is old and doesn’t have an HDMI port, then you have to use a VGA to HDMI converter to use these streaming devices.

What Is The Difference Between A PC And Monitor?

PC means a personal computer, from which monitor gets the signal about what to display. Usually the graphics card of a PC sends the signal to the monitor but if a computer doesn’t have a GPU, run on APU instead then the monitor will get the signal through the motherboard.

Basically, a monitor can just display what is coming from the PC, instead of the PC actually produces that output. Whether it is a PC or other devices, it is gonna need a device for working. Otherwise, it will turn on but won’t show anything.

Do You Need A PC For Gaming Monitor?

For gaming from a PC or playing PC games, the user has to use a PC. But for playing console games, only a monitor is sufficient, don’t need a PC particularly in this case for gaming.

Basically, You can game on a monitor without a PC if you are not playing PC games. Not only about monitors, but you can also play console games on TVs through HDMI port.

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Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this post, you have learned something new about using a monitor without a PC, when it needs it and when not. If you have anything further in mind, feel free to reach us.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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