Do you need an expensive motherboard?

Do You Need An Expensive Motherboard?

Most of the tech gurus suggest buying a powerful motherboard (which is expensive though) especially if you are a high-end PC user, which is undoubtedly true. But, as you know we are exceptional, so I tested the truth of this statement and got some amazing results.

So today, I am gonna discuss about is an expensive motherboard always necessary, if not when you need it?

Do You Need An Expensive Motherboard? Technically a cheap motherboard gives almost the same amount of raw performance (without overclocking) as a premium motherboard, but in factors like overclocking, cooling, lifespan, the expensive motherboard left small budget motherboards way behind.

So, the motherboards price doesn’t affect the performance as long as the socket and other stuff are supported by it directly, however, they impact differently, let me clarify that.

Generally, the expensive motherboards do have better heatsinks (meaning better cooling), comes with some advanced features like wifi, latest USB, HDMI, display ports. Although, the performance you get from the cheap motherboard and expensive motherboards are almost the same or negligible, but talking about overclocking capacity, the expensive mobos are far ahead in this criteria.

This is because, expensive motherboards contain bigger parts, multiple layers in the PCB, where the manufacturing companies can apply advanced technology. Moreover, for better heatsinks, the overclocking capabilities of the expensive motherboards are generally much higher.

Also, these motherboards can handle the added (extra) power pretty well. We all know we have to give extra power while overclocking, and the super cheap motherboards can’t handle this extra power so overclocking on these boards is not that great.

So, if you wanna overclock your PC components, make sure to use a good motherboard.

Overall, it is better to choose a good motherboard since they are better if you are anywhere related to things like overclocking, enjoying the latest PC hardware. Otherwise, if you just need a PC, not for tasks like gaming, editing, rendering, can go with a cheap motherboard too.

If you wanna know by the terms expensive and cheap motherboards, what price range I am referring to, check below.

I have said above that I have done a test on motherboards. I found some good results and some benefits of expensive motherboards. Let’s start with the benefits:

Advantages Of An Expensive Motherboard:

Better cooling/ throttling:

As I have discussed earlier, generally expensive motherboards come with bigger parts, and the motherboard itself is big compared to cheap motherboards. You might be thinking of how bigger motherboards help the performance?

It does. Because, in high-end tasks like overclocking, giving extra power, PC does good in these cases if there cooling is good. If the motherboard they are using hit up too quickly, the performance significantly decreases.

So, you can’t/rarely see throttling with expensive motherboards when you are using high-end parts like 3080, i9 CPUs. Not about cooling, it also helps in things like better power circulation, more and smooth uses of CPU, GPU, etc.


Overclocking in premium motherboards always gives another level of feeling. I mean if you are overclocking Ryzen 9 like CPU, RTX 3080 GPU in a cheap motherboard, you can see a rise in temperature, throttling, bottlenecking, etc, etc.

Even, if you insert more power than the motherboard can handle, its parts like capacitors, transistors can also be damaged. So, it is safe to say that overclocking is not great for cheap motherboards.

Large= better because size matters:

It is not the case always, as we are seeing smaller tech gadgets every day, but till now in motherboards, this theory applies. 

Most of the expensive motherboards are bigger, comes with big heatsinks, tons of different ports, bigger components. Also, bigger boards come with multiple PCB layers which is needed for implementing the latest technologies. That’s why expensive motherboards are generally big.

Better and quality components:

The expensive motherboards come with quality components than a cheap motherboard. This is the reason for which it can handle more power and their lifespan is also good.

The power circulation of these motherboards is smooth and because of quality material, the overall output is far ahead than a cheap motherboard. 

Stable connection:

Have you ever feel the motherboard is not sending data smoothly. Yes, this is pretty common with cheap motherboard especially when you overclock them. 

In that condition, the connection maximum cheap motherboards are not that good. As a result, you can see an unstable performance.

This is not a problem with expensive motherboards though. They usually give a good and stable performance.

Result of my experiment:

I have tested 5 cheap B450 motherboards ($50-$80) with 5 good motherboards (Z390 and X450) or expensive motherboards ($100-$200) and install same components. I noticed that both category motherboards were giving almost the same performance. But, when I increased the resolution in games (4k), then I was seeing some differences between them.

Also, after that, I overclocked both the CPU and GPU, and after that, I can see some significant differences in fps and overall performance too. The expensive motherboards, which are actually not that expensive are maintaining that overclocked performance while with cheap motherboard the performance was not that great and no stable too. So, I will suggest:

Just keep in mind, always get a motherboard that can handle the parts well, not one that just supports the parts.

What Do I Mean By Expensive Motherboards?

I am using the term expensive motherboard all the time in this post. But what does this mean, am I talking about a $600 motherboard? No, by this term I am only referring that motherboard which is just completely perfect for your PC.

Typically, a general PC user who uses CPUs like Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, a $150-$250, ASUS ROG Strix X470 motherboard is perfect for them. And for CPUs like i5, i7, a Z390 chipset motherboard like MSI MEG Z390 ACE is good.

As there is a new trend going on i.e. buy the cheapest motherboard with high-end parts. I strongly oppose this. I recommend at least go with the minimum motherboard for high-end pc parts.

So, I just wanna say the perfect motherboard according to your system by the term expensive motherboard. Spend a few extra bucks and it will give huge benefits.

Now, if you are thinking which motherboard is good for you, you contact me for this purpose or just contact them. For example, if you have RTX 3070 GPU and i9 CPU, go to Nvidia/or GPU provider and intel, write your query discussion which is the best motherboard for that specific parts and they help also you.

Or if you don’t trust them, you can also check out on the web or YouTube.

What I Recommend? (My opinion)

Expensive motherboards are for those who wanna use the latest technologies like wifi 6, smart fan 5, wanna use RGB components, then you should go with the expensive motherboard.

A $200 motherboard that has all the features and can overclock well is also an expensive motherboard. Just make sure that the motherboard you are selecting is capable of giving your desired performance.

Otherwise, if you are building your pc for typing, internet scrolling, watching videos (you know, Netflix and chill stuff:), running Excel, in these types of tasks a budget motherboard is also sufficient.


I hope after reading this post, your doubts about buying an expensive motherboard vs cheap motherboard are clear. If you are facing any trouble in selecting a motherboard or any hardware, you can contact us at any time.

We are trying to explain the tech that are usually not discussed on the web, which are very important though.

That’s it for today, see you in the next one, be techy and be unique:)

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