Do Wifi Routers Go Bad Over Time?

Do Wifi Routers Go Bad Over Time?

Have you ever noticed the speed of wifi routers slowing down over time? If you do, then you might think that these wifi routers go bad over time and finally stop working after a certain age. But, is it really true? Let’s discuss it in this post:

Do Wifi Routers Go Bad Over Time? Generally, wifi routers last around 5 years, so it is safe to expect that much lifespan from a router. But, after 2-4 years depending on the quality of the router, its speed started decreasing because of getting outdated. So, the overall connectivity of wifi routers can keep on decreasing over time.

Now, this will not happen with all the routers. especially if you separately bought any high-end gaming router, which comes with good thermal features and can cool down the heat quickly, then more likely you can’t see any performance decrease over a long period of time.

Otherwise, in most of the wifi routers that are given by the internet provider, their performance can start decreasing as soon as 2 years and finally go completely bad slowly. But this happens?

Why Wifi Routers Go Bad Over Time?

Here are some reasons because of which most of the wifi routers go bad with passing time:


If routers don’t have proper protection from heat, not have enough ventilation, then their age also reduces significantly. Most of the routers go bad just because of heating issues.

That’s why high-end routers do come with better thermal and ventilation to cool down the heat. Because of it, you can see issues like sudden disconnection, slow speed, and even burns the outer material if the heat production is too much.

So, if you also see issues like that, you should check the temperature of your router if it is normal?

Mostly, routers heat up because of not having proper ventilation, installing in a comparatively hotter place, and also because of not having quality parts. Double-check these points while buying a router.

Excessive Dust:

Dust is another big factor that affects routers’ lifespan. Through the holes of the routers, dust goes inside, and over a long period of time, it completely covers the router.

Because of excessive dust and debris, it can heat up quickly and also affect the thermal cooling of the router. Not only that, excessive dust slows down the router, including different connectivity issues.

So, clean the inside of your router from time to time.

Not installing In a Good Location:

The placement of the router is also very important. It is better to install them in such a place where they can get fresh air and also cool it down pretty quickly.

Rather, installing them in tiny closed places not only decreases the performance but also reduces the lifespan because of excessive heat.

Till I have discussed why wifi routers go bad. But, how you can exactly find out if something is wrong with your router?

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How Do You Know When A Router Goes Bad?

Strangely Slow Speed:

Sometimes, routers give very slow speed than what they are actually capable of. However, it is common if you face this issue 1-2 times a month.

But if you are facing it over and over again, it is safe to say that something is wrong with your router or it is going to die soon.

Now, things like the distance of the device from the router, number of devices connected also affect the speed. So, carefully analyze every factor, see if the router is really giving slow speed. Don’t rush to any conclusion without analyzing.

Overall, if the wireless connectivity is surprisingly poor and you are seeing this over and over, you should check it.

Heating Up Excessively:

If your router heating up excessively and quickly without any reason, this also could be another sign that your wifi router is going bad slowly.

It is normal for routers to heat up a bit especially when they are in use, but it is a thing to worry about if it is happening excessively.

Routers can heat up excessively because of warm environments, heavy uses, but after fixing all these, still, if it is heating too much, the router might not last long.

Overall, seeing these factors you can detect that if there is anything wrong with your wifi router and after that replace it.

How Often Should You Replace Your Wireless Router?

As 5 years is the average lifespan of wireless routers, and after 4-5 years wifi routers start getting outdated. So, 4-5 years is a good time to replace your wireless router.

If you don’t replace also, then in 4-5 years, chances that new technology will be introduced and routers at that time will be capable of giving far better speed than routers at this time.

That’s why to get the benefits of routers at that time, you should change your router every 4-5 years.

Can You Just Replace Your Router?

It is possible to just replace the router easily on your own. If you have bought a new router and wanna use it instead of the one given by your internet provider, you can do that.

But first, you have to make sure about the modem. If you have a separate modem then you only need a new router, meaning you can easily remove the old router and connect the new one with the modem and start using it.

But if the modem is also inside the routers given by your internet provider, then you also have to buy a modem separately with a router or you can also use wifi routers that come with inbuilt modems.

Just take care of that and everything will be smooth.

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Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this post, you got the answers regarding how long wifi routers last and why do they go bad. If you have any questions in mind, feel free to ask me. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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