Do Smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports?

Do Smart TVs Come With Ethernet Ports?

A strong internet connection is one of the most important things in Smart TVs. As smart TVs are often used for online shows, movies, getting a good internet connection is very crucial for good quality streaming.

And the best method for connecting the TV with the internet (for the fastest speed) is connecting it through Ethernet. But have you ever thought do smart TVs have Ethernet ports, and how you check them, well, let’s discuss it in this post:

Do Smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports? Almost all the smart TVs do come with Ethernet ports for connecting the TV to the internet. They look like old telephone cable ports. If a smart TV doesn’t come with an Ethernet port (which is a very very rare case) then it can be connected to the internet through wifi.

So, no matter what brand’s smart TV you are choosing, typically a small TV comes with an inbuilt Ethernet port.

Note that, connecting a TV to the internet via Ethernet gives more stability and internet speed. This is pretty important as we watch online shows in high-quality on a big and high-resolution screen, so having good and stable internet connection always helps in getting smooth performance.

Now the question arises how do you figure out if your TV which you have already bought or gonna buy has an ethernet port?

How To Check Ethernet Port Of A TV?

It is pretty easy to check if you have Ethernet port in your TV:

After Buying:

If you have bought a TV without seeing the ethernet port, don’t worry you can check it now also.

  • Just check the side of your smart TV (where different ports are installed).
  • Now search for the Ethernet port (same as in the image below).
  • Ethernet port looks like old telephone connector ports.
Do Smart TVs Have Ethernet Ports?

I hope you can find the Ethernet port on your TV. However, if it is not present you can go to the manufacturer’s website and check its specifications there if it is present or not.

Or, you can also contact me with the exact TV name if you are unable to find the ethernet port on your smart TV, I would love to help you.

Going to Buy A TV:

For those who have not bought their dream TV yet, you can check about the Ethernet port from the brand’s website. Just go to the page, check the specs and you can easily it.

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Now, for those who still wondering, what are these Ethernet ports for and why are they so important:

Why The Ethernet Port On Your TV For?

Through the ethernet port, users can use the internet directly without any wifi router in a smart TV. The ethernet cable has to be inserted on the port, which is given by the internet provider, and the TV ready become to access the internet.

You might be thinking why not to use WiFi as it is much more convenient than Ethernet.

Yes, it is convenient but Ethernet gives a more stable and stronger internet connection than wifi. Moreover, if you use an average wifi router, the internet speed is not goona high enough to see online shows in high resolution.

Also, the WiFi version is also important if you are using a WiFi router.

Overall, connecting through Ethernet is reliable for enjoying High quality (resolution) shows.

Do All Smart TVs Have An Ethernet Port?

Almost all the latest smart TVs come with ethernet ports. However, a few years back internet on a TV was a huge deal and only a few TV came with these features, but now we can say that over 90% of smart TVs do come with ethernet ports.

I have listed some of the most popular TVs under different price segment and you can see if they come with Ethernet from the table below:

TV NamePriceEthernet Availability
LG CX OLED$1,499Yes
Sony Bravia A8H OLED$1498 Yes
Samsung Q80T QLED$1497Yes
TCL 40S325$299Yes
Samsung QLED Q60T$749Yes
Price varies according to the TV size

As you can see on the table, almost all the popular smart TVs at every price range do come with ethernet ports and support ethernet connectivity.

What Type Of Ethernet Cable Should You Use For Smart TV?

You should use a top-quality ethernet cable with can deliver more internet speed than average. For saving a few bucks, I don’t suggest going with the cheap quality ethernet cables.

You can also get the cable from the TV manufacturer company (their showroom) as they mostly have high-quality ethernet cables.

On average, around $10-$20 you will get a good ethernet cable that doesn’t cut off the internet speed send from the internet provider.

What If Your TV Doesn’t Have An Ethernet Port?

Although it is very uncommon not having an ethernet port on a smart TV. But, without an ethernet port too, it is possible to access the internet on a smart TV through wifi. Make sure the TV you have a smart TV and then you can connect it to the internet through wifi too if it doesn’t have an ethernet port.

In case your TV is not a smart TV, don’t worry you can easily turn it into a smart TV with the help of tools like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromecast.

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In this post I have discussed the ethernet ports on smart TVs, do they come in inbuild, and what if you don’t have one.

If you have any questions left after reading this post about this topic, feel free to comment down below.

See you in the next post, be techy:)

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