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Do PCs Have WiFi? Things You Should Know

Are you also frustrated to know that some desktops don’t come with inbuilt wifi? And you have to buy external wifi adapters or use ethernet to access the internet on these PCs. Well, this is a common mistake done by first-timers, especially those who haven’t used desktops much before.

As laptops always come with inbuilt wifi adapters (cards) so it is easy to use the internet on them, just connect it with a router or hotspot. Unlike that, in desktops computers, it is not necessary that they will always have inbuilt wifi.

So, if you are also confused about it or buying a desktop PC, just read this to know about wifi on desktops:

Do PCs Have WiFi?

Desktop PCs only come with inbuilt wifi if the motherboard does have it. If the motherboard doesn’t have wifi, then the user has to use external wifi adapters like USB adapters, PCIe wifi cards, modems to access the internet. Talking about laptops, all of them come with inbuilt wifi.

So, it completely depends on the motherboard of your desktop PC, if it has wifi inbuilt then you can access internet without any external device, otherwise, you have to buy adapters separately.

So, here are some of the computers types and wifi availability in them.


All the laptops no matter if they are budget or expensive, do come with inbuilt wifi. So, for them, there is no need for any external wifi adapters, Although you can use ethernet too with them.

Prebuilt-PCs (desktops):

Prebuilt PCs are basically assembled (ready-made) PCs so the user doesn’t have to do anything. Talking about wifi, most of the high-end prebuilt PCs nowadays come with wifi but it can be absent in the budget ones.

For that, you can see the full specification of the prebuilt PC. If it has wifi, this will be clearly mentioned there.

Assembled PC:

In assembled PC, wifi depends on the motherboard. So, make sure to use a motherboard that has wifi if you don’t wanna use any external adapter later on. If you are building or choosing the parts yourself then you can pick one according to your need.

Otherwise, if you are building it in any shop, just tell them about this need, they will pick one for you.

How Do You Know If Your PC Has Wifi?

After getting the fact that inbuilt WiFi only comes from the motherboard. Now, I am going to discuss how you can figure out if the PC you have or going to buy has wifi.

Already Have A PC:

If you have already had a PC and want to know if it has inbuilt wifi in its motherboard or not, then the simplest way to do that is by searching the motherboard’s name on the web. From there you can easily know if it comes with wifi or not.

Also, sometimes wifi motherboards often come with wifi at their name. So, if you can see anything like that, that means your motherboard to have inbuilt wifi.

For example, I have Asus ROG Strix Z490-WiFi 6 motherboard. As you can see in the name itself the word wifi is present, so it means this board does have wifi. However, all the motherboards aren’t named like that.

But, the next thing is how can you know about the motherboard name. Well, there are tons of ways, but here are some simple ones-

  • Press Windows key + R and select Run.
  • After that type msinfo32 and press enter.
  • Now you can see your system specs including the motherboard.

Note that this method will only work in windows 8 or higher versions. So, if you don’t wanna do it or O.S. doesn’t support it, then try this:

  • Just open the side panel of your PC and look for the name written on the motherboard.

It’s as simple as this.

After getting the motherboard’s name you can easily search on the web, contact support, or the motherboard’s brand to find out if it has wifi or not.

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Now, let’s have a look at how you can check if you are-

Going To Buy A PC:

For those who are going to buy a PC, it will be very easy to check if they come with wifi or not.

For that, you just have to see the specs, more likely the wifi feature will be included in the webpage or app (from where you are buying it). If it doesn’t, then you can search the motherboard name (like before) to know if the does have wifi or not.

Basically, it completely depends on the motherboard of the computer for built-in wifi.

After checking, it is awesome if you find that your computer does have wifi, but what if it doesn’t, don’t worry you can also access the internet with these methods:

How Can You Get Wifi On Computer Without inbuilt WiFi?

It is pretty easy to get wifi without inbuilt wifi. Here are some of the common methods:

Using Ethernet:

For getting the best performance without spending anything on expensive adapters, ethernet is the best option to enjoy lag-free internet. In this method, you just have to connect your PC with the wifi router and that’s basically it.

It doesn’t matter whether your computer has inbuilt wifi or not, ethernet works perfectly with everything as it connects through cable and still can give the fastest internet speed.

But if you don’t want to use cables, then you have to use adapters.

Using Wifi Adapters:

Wifi adapters are available in different ranges, you can get one from $5 to $100 and more. So, depending on the network speed consistency, ping, and lag the price of wifi adapters also varies a lot.

But with the time budget adapters are also supporting more and more speed and also can give consistent speed. But compared to the high-end (expensive) adapters, the budget ones are still far ahead.

So, I only recommend using cheap wifi adapters if you just using the internet for searching in Google, watching videos, etc. But for tasks like gaming, downloading bigger files, using a high-end adapter will be better.

Do Gaming PCs have WiFi?

Wifi in PCs doesn’t depend on whether it is a gaming PC or not, rather it completely depends on the motherboard does come with in-built wifi or not. If it does, then that gaming PC can have wifi, otherwise, it can’t.

In general, high-end gaming PCs, especially the prebuild ones often do have wifi in their motherboard.

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Can A Computer Work Without Wifi?

A computer can work fine without wifi. For using the internet without wifi, the user can connect the PC with ethernet or use devices like a modem. Otherwise, it is also possible to use a PC without wifi (do internal tasks) but to access internet, applying one of these ways is necessary.

I hope after reading this post, you got an idea about wifi in computers, if you have any more questions, feel free to contact me. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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