Do Lenovo Laptops Last Long?

Do Lenovo Laptops Last Long?

Lenovo is a very good laptop brand and it does have some amazing laptop series like yoga, ThinkPad. Laptops from these series give a good price to performance ratio and also look pretty good. But for buyers, it is pretty easy to see the specs of that particular laptop and estimate how much performance the Lenovo laptops can give.

But one thing which can’t be found on any specs is how long it is going to last. You can say that if the build quality of the laptop is good, then it will also last long. Yes, it is true but not always.

I have talked to some die-heart Lenovo laptop fans, who are using them for years, about how long those laptops last. Plus, I also have a Lenovo Yoga series laptop for more than 6 years now. So, let’s discuss how much you can expect a Lenovo laptop to last and their build quality.

Do Lenovo Laptops Last Long?

Lenovo laptops last from 5-7 years on average and depending on the parts (specs) it is possible to see 1-2 years more or less lifespan from it. So, high-end and latest laptops that are also expensive tend to last longer as the parts take a long time to get outdated. Like that budget, ones get outdated soon.

And as most of the Lenovo laptops do come with good build quality, so they usually don’t wear out soon unless got a huge impact (fall on the ground). That’s why laptops, especially from good brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP has to be replaced for getting outdated, not because they wear out.

Because you can’t use a laptop if its parts don’t suppose the latest software, operating systems (or got outdated in other words). Just think it like this, Do you now use a laptop that is 10 years old. Obviously, you don’t, as most of the programs will lag in that.

So, no matter how powerful the computer is, it is going to get outdated over time whether it is expensive or cheap as technology is changing/upgrading faster. Just, expensive laptops take a bit longer to get outdated while budget laptops don’t take long.

Although other factors like outer damage, water damage, excessive dirt, overclocking, huge current surge also reduce the lifespan, but we can’t predict these, so I am not counting it.

Now, let’s have a look in detail at the lifespan of Lenovo laptops.

What Is The Average Lifespan of Lenovo Laptops?

Typically, Lenovo laptops in the $500-$700 category are called budget, and they last 4-5 years. In $800-$1000 (mid-range) laptops, it is safe to see 5-7 years of lifespan. And in the case of high-end laptops (more than $1000), they can last up to a decade.

Note that these numbers are very average and I am only talking about the time a laptop will take for getting outdated.

A laptop can stop working the next day of buying if it gets heavy outer damage, which is unpredictable.

Some laptops also got damaged because of poor handling. Opening and shutting the lid too forcefully, throwing it on the bed, couch can also shorten its lifespan.

However, laptops with good build quality often survive these impacts. So, if you are buying a Lenovo laptop, you are going to get good build quality by choosing the perfect one.

This also ensures laptops to be more solid and durable.

That’s why the better and latest parts you have in your laptop, the more it is going to last.

I hope you got the idea about how long do Lenovo laptops last. Here are some other questions that buyers often ask:

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Things That Affect A Laptop’s Lifespan:

Too Much Overclocking:

Overclocking needs to give additional power, and if you are doing it extremely on a closed device like a laptop (with less cooling) then it can reduce the lifespan in a longer time frame.

That’s why unless you have a laptop that can handle overclocking well, it is not a good idea to do it in budget laptops. Note that, overclocking in desktops give significant performance improvement than a laptop because their cooling is better and always dedicated parts are used.

On the other hand in most laptops (especially those that are slim) still, APU is used. So, this can easily boost up the heat when you overclock the laptop.

Outer Damage:

Outer damage is also a thing to consider as because of this most of the laptops don’t last till their full lifespan.

For this, just use your laptop carefully, don’t throw it, open or close the lid forcefully.

Dust And Debris:

It is also important to keep laptops dust-free as it is pretty easy for dust to enter and cover the whole cooling heatsink over time through the holes. Excessive dust gathered over years can enhance heat, slow down the fans and so performance too.

That’s why it is important to clean laptops from time to time and also take proper care.

Are Lenovo Laptops Reliable?

Lenovo laptops are in the market for years and they are not only one of the toughest but also high performing laptops. That’s why this brand is the favorite of many users. So they are definitely reliable and last longer if you take care.

One thing I personally like about Lenovo laptops is that budget laptops from this brand are also good in build quality. Nowadays budget laptops are usually not as good in build quality as high-end laptops, in other words, they are delicate, can easily be damaged if with normal fall damage.

On the other hand, my Lenovo laptop fell heavily 3-4 times but only I can see is some scratch on the body. That’s why in terms of build quality and durability I like Lenovo laptops (sometimes Asus too) especially for budget laptops.

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Wrapping up:

Basically, the lifespan of a Lenovo laptop depends on what model you are buying, how powerful parts it has inside. Usually, you can see 5-7 years of lifespan from them.

I hope after reading this post, your queries about how long do Lenovo laptops last, their build quality are cleared. If you have any more questions, feel free to reach me. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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