Do Laptops Need Surge Protectors?

Do Laptops Need Surge Protectors?

If the voltage fluctuations in electricity in you’re area is high then you might think of taking extra care of your electronic devices. A huge voltage spike and surge (also called longer spike) can damage delicate gadgets like mobile, laptop, TV, etc.

But in 2021 gadgets are evolving too quickly and becoming more durable over time, so do you need a surge protector still in 2021 especially for laptops. Well, let’s discuss it in this post:

So, Do your Laptop need a surge protector? A laptop’s adapter can handle small to medium surges, especially it is new. However, the surge is big enough or against thunderstorms, these adapters also can’t do much. But Before the laptop’s battery damage, the adapter takes all the load and dies. That’s why in most of the cases laptop’s battery won’t be harmed.

If you are worried about little surges in your electricity, nobody gets the perfect constant voltage that our gadgets need like 120 Volts (AC), 240Volts (AC) but as you are only gonna connect the laptop via the adapter with the current, so you don’t have to worry about small surges or voltage fluctuations.

But if the surge is very high in your area most of the time, and it damaged other electrical components previously, then you can get a surge protector in this case to save the laptop adapter.

Otherwise, the laptop adapter is gonna die for providing a filtered and constant current to your laptop.

Also nowadays laptops also come with power bricks that protect them from moderate surges.

So, the latest adapters and laptops do have better surge protections and there has to be a very high (like thousand volts) surge to do significant damage to the laptop battery.

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Can A Power Surge Damage A Laptop?

A very heavy power surge can affect the laptop’s health. Although it doesn’t impact directly. First, the laptop’s adapter tries to consume the extra or lower load and deliver a consistent current. But the survey is too heavy (like thunderstorms) then the adapter dies and then only voltage fluctuations can damage the battery.

Note that, such high surges don’t occur in normal cases, they can only happen because of things like a lightning strike, errors in the nearest power station.

Otherwise, in normal cases, surges can’t hurt laptops much.

Basic Things To Do To Keep Laptops Safe:

Here are some basic things you can do to tackle surge issues:

Plug Out In Thunderstorm:

If you use your laptop plugging in, I suggest plugging it out in the rainy/summer season at night and when you feel a thunderstorm is coming. You should also check the earthing of your house from time to time.

If you do this, you can easily get rid of surge problems and don’t have to use surge protectors for your laptop unless you are living in a rural area where voltage fluctuation is too much.

Use Surge Protectors In Extreme Cases:

Now if the electricity voltage is very unstable in your area, you can install the surge protectors. If you install these, they are gonna basically give protection in joules to your laptop.

It is also a pretty solid way to tackle voltage spikes and laptop adapters have surge protection?

Laptop adapters can handle general surges that we can see in our house normally. However, if the fluctuation is too high and the surge is constant then the adapter is gonna rip off quickly. But it saves the laptop battery.

That’s why if the surge is too high, it is better to use a surge protector.

Does A Laptop Surge Protector Work?

Surge protector provides safety to laptops however it is very important to select the perfect one according to the laptops power consumption. If the surge protection you are buying can’t give enough voltage that the laptop wants, it is gonna negatively affect the laptop rather doing good.

So, buy the surge protectors for a laptop as well as other electrical gadgets seeing its voltage or current requirements.

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Winding up:

At the outset, if the voltage fluctuation in your area is not that high, there is no need for using additional surge protectors, the laptop adapter is enough for that.

But if you live in areas where surges are consistent and major, then you should go with it.

In this post I have discussed power surges, should you really worry about them for your laptop.

I hope you can learn something new after reading this post. That’s it for this post, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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