Do All Gaming Laptops Overheat?

Do All Gaming Laptops Overheat?

When people talk about gaming laptops, the first question that comes into Their minds is overheating issue. Generally, budget gaming laptops produce heat because of the high-end GPU and CPU and also for small heatsinks. But does this happen with all gaming laptops? Let’s discuss it today:

Do All Gaming Laptops Overheat? Generally, premium gaming laptops come with a good heatsink, have proper facilities for cooling, and don’t overheat. As in laptops, the airflow is very restricted and all the components can’t get cool air like desktops, so not having proper cooling is the main reason for overheating especially in budget laptops.

Although almost all gaming laptops heat quickly, those that come with good cooling can cool down pretty quickly. So, these laptops don’t overheat.

Now, let’s discuss in detail about what are the main reasons which produce heats in laptops:

Why Do Gaming Laptops Overheat? 

Cooling Is Not Great:

Generally, this is mostly found in budget laptops. In laptops, if the heatsink which helps the cooling by absorbing the excessive heat is not great according to parts, then eventually this can cause heating issues.

Moreover, not having a good design for cooling is also another factor. But these types of errors can only be seen in budget laptops mostly. Otherwise, premium/flagship laptops are made with proper care and so colling is also good in these.

However, as gaming laptops mostly have very powerful and high power-consuming GPU, CPU, coolers, so generally gaming laptops produce way more heat than normal laptops.

Powerful Parts:

Gaming needs high resources. So laptops that are dedicated to gaming contain very powerful parts. Also, these parts produce huge amount heat when they run at their full potential.

So, having powerful parts cause problems too sometimes. This also happens when laptops are overclocked and then they consume more electricity than normal.

When a gaming laptop is overclocked, its components consume more electricity for boosting performance, as a result, more heat is produced.

Overall, gaming laptops also produce more heat because of having powerful components, when they are used at their full potential or overclocked, they throw heat.

Less Space For Air Flow:

This is another big issue with laptops. As laptops are basically small portable machines, so there doesn’t have much space for airflow.

A laptop never complete with a desktop with giants PC cabinets in airflow. However, airflow doesn’t matter much if the laptop not using any high-end component which needs to be cooled down with cool air. So this doesn’t feel like normal laptops. But in gaming ones, it really matters.

That’s why having a good design for airflow is pretty important if you also wanna avoid heating issues in your gaming laptop.

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Gaming Laptops That Do Not Overheat?

In good gaming laptops too, they heat up, it is normal in laptops. But having good cooling ensures that the heat cools down quickly.

So, here are some good gaming laptops which cooling is good and don’t overheat:

ASUS ROG Strix seriesGood cooling in budget
MSI GL65Good temperature control and stable performance
HP OmenQuiet and don’t heated from outside.

Gaming laptops are gonna heat up no matter how powerful the cooling is, so you have to check which laptops are able to cool down the heat produced quickly. This only can maintain the performance and you won’t see any performance dips when the laptop is producing a lot of heat.

For cooling quickly, the laptop’s heatsink, fans should be in the proper place and good (perfect size too) in quality.

Moreover, if you overclock your laptops while doing any high resource wanting task, this will produce more heat than general. As in overclocking more current is used by the system, this creates excessive amount of heat (mentioned above).

So you should check the overclocking capabilities of your laptops, can it really handle before doing it.

What Happens If A Gaming Laptop Overheats?

There are many disadvantages if a laptop overheats for a long time. If the temperature rises to an extreme level, these things can happen:

Performance Drops:

Sudden performance dips are normal if a laptop is heating up too much. When a gaming laptop overheated, then all the components lowers their performance and current uses to maintain the temperature and cool down quickly.

So if your laptop is also getting very hot, don’t surprise if you can see sudden performance dips. In this case, try to give your laptop some rest, shut it down for some time or end the tasks you are doing on it.


If the overheating continues for a long time, it can also damage the Laptop permanently. Although windows automatically shut down when the temperature exceeds the limit and threatens to damage parts, if somehow it doesn’t shut down, this ends up damaging parts.

The overheating mostly impacts the processor,  graphics card, and motherboard. So, if your laptop also overheats extremely to should check it.

Is It Normal For A Gaming Laptop To Get Hot?

It is a normal phenomenon for gaming laptops the get hot. However, in premium gaming laptops, with a good cooling system and heatsink. The heat is cooled down quickly by inserting cool air and throwing hot air outside. That’s why premium gaming laptops don’t overheat much.

As laptops have less space for airflow and in gaming laptops, very powerful, power-consuming parts are used, so they get hot pretty quickly and it is normal. So, rather you should check which laptop can cool down quickly.

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I hope after reading this post, you got the answers to your questions about why gaming laptops overheat and do this happens with all laptops. If you have any queries further, feel free to ask me in the comments or through email. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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