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Does Computer Storage Affect Speed?

When the storage bar turns red indicating less storage in a computer, users often think this is gonna slow down their system. But is it really true, can less storage affect speed? Let’s discuss it today:

Does Computer Storage Affect the Performance? Studies have proved that computer space doesn’t affect performance at all. The performance PC gives when 10% storage is filled, the same performance it is gonna give when 99% filled. However, the different storage types, like SATA SSD, NVMe SSD, HDD affects the performance of the system.

So, no matter how filled your computer is, because of it you don’t have to face any lag or see a decrease in performance. To check it I have done a case study. 

Case Study:

I removed my 2TB SATA SSD and only left a 500GB NVMe in the system. After that, I keep on feeding it with large files. But what happened?

50% Storage used:

When my SSD was filled only 50%, then the booting time was 10-12 seconds and the overall performance was too smooth.

80% Storage Used:

Now things start getting interesting. I moved three big games and they consumed almost 80% of the total SSD space.

Then I restarted my computer and now also the boot time was 11 seconds. I also tried running some other programs and games and the performance I got was basically the same.

99% Storage uses:

Okay, at last, I filled the storage as much as the SSD can. Obviously, the storage bar turned red showing less space message.

Then I restarted my PC and surprisingly, I hadn’t seen any issues. It was still booting around 12 seconds and I had also played GTA V, fall Guys, Minecraft and I haven’t noticed any frame drops.

Takeaways from it:

So, after doing this experiment, things I have noticed that:

  • The storage space doesn’t affect the speed and overall performance of any PC, the output at 10% and 99% is gonna be the same.
  • But the type of storage drive can affect the overall performance, reading, and writing speed.
  • However, having too many softwares in a system can reduce the performance (will discuss later).

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But there are some other things you should know before reaching the final conclusion:

Storage Types:

There are different types of storage options that can be used on a PC. Storage types like SATA SSD, NVMe SSD can easily improve the performance a lot by just increasing reading, writing, and loading speed.

An NVMe SSD can speed from 10 to 20 times more than a normal HDD. So, if you choose the best storage type, then easily it can affect the performance of your PC.

Also, installing the O.S. (operating system) and main softwares on a fast storage drive can increase the overall output.

So, performance has nothing to do with how much space you have left in your computer, you just have to check what type of storage you are using.

Too Many Softwares:

If your computer is filled with too many softwares, then they can use more system resources. It is better to have only your required software installed if your computer is not very powerful.

Otherwise, if your PC only has files like photos, videos, not any software, then they don’t affect the performance.

So, the conclusion is if a PC storage is filled with software, then only it can affect the performance, otherwise, storage doesn’t affect the output at all.

Can An Old Hard Drive Slow Down A Computer?

An old hard drive can slow down a computer if its reading and writing speed and overall health decline over time. Generally, the speed of old hard drives is not that great so, there are chances of slowing down a PC.

Also, if you are using a very old hard drive then it is too risky. As the average lifespan of hard drives is 4-5 years, so there are high chances that your HDD is not gonna last long. So, backup your data as quickly as you can.

That’s why I recommend if you also have an old HDD, replace it with a new HDD or SSD preferably if you wanna get the best results.

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In this post, I have discussed computer storage and can it affect the overall output of a PC. If you have any questions further, feel free to ask me in the comments or reach us. That’s it for today, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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