Can TV Be Wider Than Stand?

Can TV Be Wider Than Stand?

Most of the latest TVs do come with two mini mounts at the edge of each of the sides. That’s why it becomes harder to install them on small stands, less than the size of the TV. So, let’s discuss choosing the perfect TV stands in this post:

Can TV Be Wider Than Stand? Having a wider TV stand than TV is recommended and gives more stability. As most of the latest TVs do come with two tiny mounts placed at the edge of each side, so having a smaller TV stand than the TV’s length horizontally actually creates a problem. However, TVs can be installed on a less wide stand using TV stand mounts, but users have to spend a few extra bucks buying the mount.

It is recommended that the TV stand should at least 5 inches bigger on each side. This will provide better stability and a comfortable viewing experience.

Otherwise, if you just somehow adjusted and installed the TV in a tiny stand it is gonna give fear every time you watch, what if it falls. So, it is better to have a stand that is a little bit bigger than the TV.

I am talking about the stand should be bigger than TV here, but how you should measure the TV in this case, according to its display size or horizontally including the bezels?

How to Measure the TV For Selecting the Stand?

You have to measure the TV horizontally including the bezels and just buy a little bit bigger stand than the dimensions you found after measuring. So, the TV’s screen size doesn’t matter here. 

Because TV’s screen-sized is measured diagonally. So, obviously measuring a TV diagonally is gonna give more length than directly measuring it horizontally.

For example, if you are buying a 55-inch TV, then you can easily install it on a 50 inch TV stand. If you are thinking how? Because this 55-inch is measured diagonally, so the horizontal measurement will be less than 55-inch and that’s why you can install a 55-inch TV on a 50-inch strand.

Overall, for buying a TV stand, I highly recommend measuring the TV horizontally including the bezels. If you are buying seeing the TV screen size only, that doesn’t include the bezel and it is measured diagonally which can lead to buying a much larger TV stand.

Do TV Dimensions Include Any TV Stand Suggestions?

Most of the TV dimensions don’t include the stand measurements directly, but it is possible to get the information about stand length and height from the dimensions.

To get that: you have to check the breadth and height of the TV.

Yes, breadth included in TV dimensions refers to the horizontal length including the bezels, which I was talking about above.

So after getting the breath you can easily choose the TV stand length, just buy a few inches larger than the TV.

Now, talking about the height, you can get the actual TV height from its dimensions. So, you can easily add the TV’s height with the stand’s height and see if the height is enough for you or not.

Overall, most of the brands don’t include that stand information directly in the TV dimensions. But you can easily find it after some measurements.

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Can TV Stand Be Smaller Than TV?

A TV stand can be smaller than a TV if its stands are not at the complete edge of each side. However, if you are using TV stand mounts for mounting it from the center, you can easily install a big TV on a small stand.

As you can see in the picture the TV stands are not at complete edges, as result, you can put this TV on a smaller stand (a little bit wider than the stands). Unfortunately, some TVs have mounts at the edge of each side.

That’s why it is advised to buy larger stands than TV breadth. But, if your TV also has mounts like the picture (not completely on the edge), you can use a little bit smaller stands than TV, but make sure the stand is a few inches wider than the length between stands.

For those, who have a really small TV stand you can also use TV stand mounts. These basically work like mount, but instead of mounting on the wall, they hold the complete TV from its center. So, using this you can easily install a big TV on small stands.

You can check this video to know more about TV stand mounts:

Video Credit: Tech Steve

But make sure to use a good quality mount as the TV will be mounted at only one mount instead of two stands.

How Big Should a TV Stand Be?

Having at least a 5-inches bigger TV stand is better for both stability and user experience in TV stands are on the edge. Otherwise, having a few inches bigger TV stand than the length of two TV mounts will also work.

Talking about how bigger it should be, the TV stand can be as big as you want after making sure it is at least a few inches bigger than the TV.

Can A 55-inch TV Fit On A 50-inch Stand?

A 55-inch TV can be put on a 50-inch stand. And the TVs are measured diagonally, so a 55- inch TV breadth will be less than 55 and if the two TV stands are also not on the complete edge, in this case, 55inch tv can be installed on a 50-inch stand.

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In this post, I have discussed about TV Stands, how to choose, and their length. I hope you can learn something new after reading this post and choose the perfect stand for your TV.

If you have any queries feel free to contact me. That’s it for This post, see you in the next one, be techy:)

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