Using Home Theater Speakers On A Computer?

Can You Use Home Theater Speakers On A Computer?

Home Theater is a common entertainment device that almost everyone has in their home. But I have received tons of questions about connecting its speakers with the computers, can we really do that? Let’s discuss it in this post.

Can home theater speakers be used on a computer? The home theater speakers can be used on a computer. Making sure that it gets the connections right on the computer and anyone can enjoy the experience of a home theater system even by connecting it to the computer. 

At first, it may seem a little difficult to connect the home theater system to your computer. Well, these connections may be pretty straightforward or a little complex to understand depending on your home theater system as well as your pc.

The older models of the home theater system have more wires to deal with while the newer ones are simpler. Also, it is necessary that your pc has the right RAM and graphic card.

Irrespective of the type of home theater system or computer you have, I will try to explain to you how you can connect Home Theater speakers to your computer.

I will also answer some related questions for your better understanding and knowledge. So, let’s begin with seeking some answers. 

How can you connect the speakers with your computer?

For connecting your speakers to your computer, you have to first look at what kind of connections your PC supports. There can be different connection methods in different computers and receivers. So, start with checking the connection method. 

Now, there are three methods by which you can connect your computer to your stereo or home theater systems. Have a look at the following methods and check out what kind of connection your computer and receiver support. 

Analog ConnectionDigital Coaxial Connection Digital Optical Connection
The analog connection is a very basic, standard connection. It utilizes a single RCA-RCA cable. It uses fiber optic cables.
It is used in the absence of any digital connection. As it is digital, there is no noise production. Fiber optic cables are the best option available out there. 
Available on all PCs. Not available on all PCs.Not available on all PCs.

Once you figure out the method of connection, all you have to do is get the connections right.

All your work is simplified if you have HDMI ports in your PC as well as your home theater system. There are a number of home theater systems that enable you to use HDMI with the help of the ARC feature. 

In case your home theater system or computer doesn’t support an HDMI connection, then you have to work with several wires and jacks. I will help you figure that out. Let’s move forward.

Where should you plug the speakers into the computer?

Coming to where to connect these wires on your systems. There are three different connection methods so I will explain each one of them.

Analog Connection: 

As we previously saw that all computers have an analog connection available. This analog audio output connection is green in color.

You will find that this output has either ‘line out’ or ‘speaker out’ written near it. There may be many ports wither with blue, green, orange, red, or pink colors on them. 

For analog connections, you have to connect the cables according to the following:

  • Blue port- Goes to the left and right surround sound speakers.
  • Green port- Goes to the left and right front speakers.
  • Pink port on PC- Goes to the center and subwoofer. 

These colors are the most basic ones that are commonly used. There may be alternate colors for the same. You can leave a message in the comments section if you have different colors so I can help you with it. 

Digital Coaxial Connection:

For the digital coaxial connections, you will find female RCA connectors present on your computer. These connections are yellow or orange in color.

Here you will find that there is ‘SPDIF out’, ‘Digital out’, or something similar of that sort written near it. 

For this connection, all you need is a single RCA-RCA cable. All you have to do is connect one end of the cable in the receiver where you find something like ‘Digital coaxial’, ‘Digital DVD’ or similar input is written on there. On another end, you have to plug in the receiver which I mentioned earlier. 

Digital Optical Connection:

If both your computer and home theater system have an optical connection then you should definitely use this one. The optical connection renders you the best quality.

For this connection, you will need a fiber optic cable that you will get with your receiver. 

Finding the optic connection is the simplest as it has a square black connector. All you have to do is plug one end of your fiber optic cable to the receiver where you find ‘Digital optical’, ‘Digital DVD’, or something of that sort written. The other end goes to your computer. 

One thing you have to remember is, you might see that there is a black square peg on the receiver ends. You have to remove these pegs before you insert the cable into the receivers.

How to know if your Home Theater Speakers Work with the computer?

The simplest way to do this make all your connections and test them. Once you figure out the connection method, make all the right connections, you are now pretty much ready to go. All you have to do is enjoy your sound experience. 

Now, the moment you plug in all the wires, your computer will show you that you have connected something to it. You can now play some music or audio to test the same.

As you play an audio or video and you can hear the clear and crisp sound, it evidently indicates that your H.T. speakers are working. If not then you might as well recheck your connections.


I hope after reading this post you can connect the Home Theater speakers with your PC. But you are using any old model, or facing issues while connecting you can directly ask me through the contact us page.

See you in the next one, be techy:)

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