Can A Hot Router Cause Slow Internet?

Can A Hot Router Cause Slow Internet?

No matter how expensive a router is, it is going to get hot in some situations. So it is normal for routers to heat up a bit especially when in use for several hours, but what about excessive heat.

Sometimes, routers (mostly given by internet providers) heats too much, can it slow down the overall performance and the internet speed too? Let’s discuss it in this post:

Can Hot Routers Cause Slow Internet? If a router gets hot extremely, it can not only slow down the internet speed drastically but also can damage the router’s hardware or outer shell. For routers, below 95° Fahrenheit or 35°Celsius is a safe temperature and the user more likely won’t get any issues due to temperature if it is in this range.

Otherwise, if a router exceeds this temperature limit you might see performance decrease gradually. Now, I have tested my router in normal conditions and also when its temperature was around 113°F. Let’s see exactly how much performance decrease we can see:

How Hot Do Routers Get?

Routers can heat up so extremely that they can also melt the outer shell if it is made of plastic. Although it is very rare for routers to reach such high temperatures, slowing down the internet because of heat is pretty common.

It is common for routers to get heated up around 50°C, especially cheap routers.

I have an internet connection of 100 Mbit/s and actually, I get around 80 Mbit/s. For this test, I have heated my router as much as I could (it was such a drag). So, when I was using the hot router, I got around 50 Mbit/s-60 Mbit/s.Overall, you can see from 25% to 40%  decrease in performance if the router is overheated.

Now, let’s have a look why routers get heated:

Why Routers Gets Heated Up?

Mostly routers with average build quality get hot quickly. Otherwise, premium routers don’t get hot easily, if they do, not that extreme level compared to the routers given by internet providers.

Other than this, there are also a few other reasons because of which the router heats up. Here are they:

Installing In Wrong Place:

Routers should be installed in a place where the airflow is good so that it can easily cool down with the help of cool air outside. Obviously, if you install your router in a closed place like a cabinet, or in any room where the surrounded air is too hot, the router can’t cool down pretty easily.

Not only about heating, but installing routers in such a closed place also affects the signal strength and so the speed also reduces drastically too.

So, always install your router in such a place where it can be cool down easily and don’t get heat up easily.

Dust In Vents:

The vents of routers play an important role in cooling down them. When they start to get hot, these vents throws the hot air from the router to the outside, and through vents, cool air from outside go inside the router.

This helps routers to maintain their temperature. Now the thing is, through the air, it is also very easy for dust and other particles to enter inside the router. Over a long period of time, these dust particles can fully cover the wifi router if you don’t clean it from time to time.

In this case, it can block the vents path and it is also a common reason because of which after using routers for 1-2 years, they heat up quickly.

So, if you haven’t clean your router for a long time and it is heating up too much. Then you should also clean it up from the inside.

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Poor Router Quality:

Often routers given by the internet providers are average, so after using them for 1-2 years they start showing different errors, also they heat up too quickly.

Compared to premium/gaming routers whose build quality and overall thermal design are much better than these, the average routers don’t last long because of the poor cooling.

Although these routers cost more than the router given by the internet provider, if you want the best performance, stable internet connection, I highly recommend going with them.

So, these are the main reasons because of which some routers get hot quickly, now how can you keep them cool:

How To Cool Routers?

Cooling Mat (Quick Fix):

A cooling mat is a very good option to cool down routers if it is heating up excessively. Now, there is not such cooling mat made for specifically routers, but you can use laptops cooling pads in routers.

Just connect them to the power and place them below the router. Then they will automatically keep the router cool, at least from below.

I only suggest doing it when the router is under heavy use or heating up too much. In normal conditions, you don’t have to turn on the pad, this will save power.

Installing On Proper Location:

As I said above, the location where the router is installed creates a big impact on its performance. That’s why I always prefer installing it on a place where it can get good airflow so also cool down easily.

Turn Of When Not Using:

If your router is old, you can also turn it off when not in use. It is normal for routers to heat up when used too much. So, it will be better for the router, turning them off when not in use.

Can A Router Start A Fire?

Although it’s rare but not impossible. If routers get extremely hot they can melt their outer plastic cover and eventually also start a fire. So, keep an eye on your router and check if it heats up too much every month or so.

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Wrapping up:

I hope after reading this post, you have got an idea about router’s excessive temperatures, why they get hot, and also how you can cool them down.

If you have anything more in mind, feel free to ask me. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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