Benefits Of Touch Screen Laptops

Benefits Of Touch Screen Laptops:

Touch screen and 2-in 2 laptops are currently on-trend, and believe it or not, and it is going to be the future. These laptops are pretty handy, easy to use, and just perfect for general users.

Also, earlier touch screen laptops didn’t provide a very good experience as windows didn’t have any dedicated operating system for touch. With the latest Windows operating system for the 2 in 1 touch laptops, it is becoming more interactive for users and provides a good user experience.

If you are also thinking of buying a touch screen or 2 in 1 laptop, you should know about their benefits. Well, let’s discuss it in this post. What main advantages you get.

Convenient To Use:

The main benefit of touch laptops is their convenience. Yes, these laptops are more interactive, and faster than normal laptops that come with only a trackpad and keyboard.

In touch laptops, navigation is so simple, if you want to open/close anything, you can directly go it by touch. This saves so much time than using the mouse in the long run.

Not only about speed, but it is also very pleasing. Using laptops as tablets or mobiles is actually more productive. Also, generally touch laptops are 2 in 1 and foldable, so you can also use them for different scenarios.

You can fold them as you want, adjust, also put the keyboard backward if you are watching something.

Overall, touch screen laptops are basically better than tablets in terms of both user experience wise and performance-wise. Also, as these laptops do have good CPU and descend RAM, SSD, you can use everything like a normal PC or more.

Looks Wise:

The second thing I like about touch laptops is their looks. These are basically too slim, come with less bezels, and also have a good and vibrant screen. You can also call these touch laptops a big tablet with a keyboard.

Some touch laptops come with detachable keyboards while some have features to fold the whole keyboard section 360 degrees, making them super convenient to use.

Talking about the bezels, the latest touch laptops mostly have too thin bezels like smartphones. And with a vibrant screen, these laptops look even better.

Overall, the looks and adjustable feature is another huge factor because people usually go with these laptops over normal ones.


Touch laptops are usually compact and suitable for traveling. As I have said above, touch or 2 in 1 laptop are way too smaller than normal ones. I am not talking about the display, obviously, it is gonna be the same, I am just saying thickness-wise.

So, touch laptops are very compact, easily carriable and you can bend or detach (according to model) as you want. That’s why if you travel a lot, have to carry it everywhere you go, it will be perfect for you. As you can easily insert it into any bag.

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Drawing And Taking Notes:

For a long time, tablets are only considered preferable devices for tasks like drawing, writing, taking notes. However, things are going to change now.

Nowadays, touch laptops are also used for these and according to users, these are more productive than tablets.

As in tablets, you can’t run computer software, so sometimes it creates problems. However, in touch laptops, you can use all the facilities of desktops as well as a touch too.

So, if you have a touch laptop, more likely you don’t need other devices, it is an all-in-one compact device.

These are some of the main advantages of having a touch screen laptop. Although, there are also disadvantages of it.

Generally, these laptops cost more than normal laptops. You have to give at least $200 more than the same normal laptop without a touch screen.

Also, the display of touch / 2 in 1 laptops is slightly bigger, so too much but noticeably.

However, if you can afford it, a touch 2 in 1 laptop is one of the best options now. You can use it for high-end tasks like editing, rendering at high speed, etc.

But if you want a laptop specifically for gaming, these are not a good option for you. Having a good GPU also increases the laptop’s width, so most of the touch-enabled laptops don’t come with dedicated GPUs for making them slim.

So, make sure to check every point before buying.

Is It Worth Getting A Touch Screen Laptop?

It is worth buying a touch laptop if you want an all-in-one compact laptop that can do everything. However, these are expensive than normal laptops currently, but I am sure that in the near future touch screens or 2 in 1 laptops will also come in several budget options as technology grows.

If you also think you need a touch screen laptop, travel a lot, these are completely fine, you should definitely get one.

Can You Draw On Touch Screen Laptop?

It is possible to draw, write, take notes on touch screen laptops as you do on tablets. From my personal experience, drawing in touch laptops and tablets is basically the same; however, as a touch laptop is basically a laptop and supports PC software, it becomes pretty convenient for drawing/writing.

That’s why I would love to recommend touch laptops for content creators, by touch feature their lot of work is gonna be simplified.

Can You Use Stylus On A Touch Screen Laptop?

It is possible to use stylus on touch screen laptops, however, some laptops don’t come with the actual pen but in most touch or 2 in 1 laptop, you can use the stylus for drawing or writing exactly like tablets.

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In this post, I have discussed touch screen laptops, main benefits of them. I hope you can learn something new after reading this post.

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach us. See you in the next one, be techy:)

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