Are motherboard standoffs really necessary?

Are Motherboard Standoffs Really Necessary?

Building your first PC? If you are then you might confuse about motherboard standoff, because I was too with my first PC. But, don’t worry, after reading this post, you are gonna know is motherboard standoffs even necessary for you pc? Let’s start:

You should always install motherboard standoffs while installing the motherboard in the case. It protects the motherboard (back panel) from touching the case which causes short circuit. These standoffs touch the case physically instead of the motherboard’s back, which protects it from any kind of damages.

No matter how large your case is, if you aren’t using standoffs, your motherboard is gonna touch the inner layer of the case, which causes several errors like motherboard misbehaving, suddenly stopped, short circuit, also damaged in worst cases (if the problem continues).

So, it is very important to install the motherboard standoffs to avoid these kinds of things. 

However, nowadays some cases do comes with inbuilt standoffs. In such cases, you don’t have to install them additionally on your own.

Now, how & where do you get standoffs?

Generally, the motherboard standoffs come with the PC case itself (if you are buying a good one), but if your case doesn’t come with the standoffs, you can buy them separately too. 

So, make sure if your case come with standoffs or not. Also, if they are pre-installed or not. I saw many people finding the standoffs but they are already installed on the case (pre-installed). Keep in mind that too.

Overall, it is very very important having motherboard standoffs installed on your case. Otherwise, you may see different issues in the near future.

What Happens If You Don’t Use Motherboard Standoffs?

You might be thinking why I am yelling to install standoffs, right? Well, there are many reasons why you should do that.

Short circuit:

We all know pc cases are good conductors of electricity (as they are made of metal). The motherboard itself contact tons of ports like capacitors, RAM slots, transistors, PCIe slots. These all have joints in the back like any other electronic device has in the PCB (Printed Circuit Board).

Now, when all these joints are connected through a metal (PC case in this case), these ports or overall motherboard shows several errors like shirt circuit, strange behavior, etc.

In the worst cases, your premium mother can also be fully damaged for forever.

Shut down:

Although it is very rare, I have also seen sometimes after shutdown, PC doesn’t start after shutdown when the standoffs are not installed.

This is because, at the time of shutting down, the motherboard or its components takes charge as they are connected to the case.

This causes problems while starting the PC again. Yes, when you start your PC after shutting, it doesn’t start, however, it can be fixed. But, this is a pretty decent reason to use motherboard standoffs.

I know, there are too many people that say “I have never used motherboard standoffs, still my PC is running perfectly”. But, why to take any risk.

In my 8 years of PC hardware career, I have seen many cases of motherboards standoffs. That’s why I am saying motherboard standoffs are necessary. Please don’t take any risk.

Can You Install A Motherboard Without Standoffs?

Yes, you can install motherboards without standoffs if your pc case supports the size of your motherboard (form factor). But, definitely, I don’t recommend installed motherboards without standoffs at all.

It can not only create unwanted charge (current) circulation in the motherboard back but also can damage the whole motherboard completely if happen for a long time.

But, yes you can install the motherboard without standoffs. But, make sure to check the form factor (Mini-ATX, ATX, E-ATX) of your motherboard and if your pc case supports it.

What Are Motherboard Standoffs For?

Motherboard standoffs are installed to separate the back part of the motherboard from the PC cabinet. As the motherboard contains different parts and their joints are in the backend, so direct contact of them can lead to motherboard damage.

That is the main reason behind motherboard standoffs.


I hope now you get that why motherboard standoffs are necessary and what problems it can create. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

That’s it for today, See in the next post, be techy:)

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