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Internet is very broad, still, there is not enough resource available in especially for beginners. But on this website, we are covering topics about desktops, laptops, phones, gadgets, latest tech that is not covered well on the internet.

Our Team

Untoldtech.com is run by me (Jigyash) and my engineer friend (Aditya). Our aim main aim is to make people techie, answer their questions that are not covered on the web. We hope this website will help you in your techy life:)

Jigyash Kashyap

Blogger, built my first PC at the age of 14

 I love talking, writing about computers, smartphones latest technology. This blog is all about answering questions about different aspects of tech. So, write us down if you too have any questions. Be techy:)

Aditya Kumar Singh

Engineer, Blockchain enthusiast

I am Aditya Kumar Singh, an engineer by profession and writer by heart. My blood is tech +ve, I can talk about tech all day, especially when it’s UNTOLD

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